The Flash Season 7: Release Date, Cast and Potential Plot Details


It is no doubt that The Flash has redefined the superhero genre for television. After Arrow laid the foundation with its gripping narrative, The Flash took it forward with villains and characters right out of the comics. The sixth season ended quite sooner than expected due to the pandemic and made fans ask only one question: When will The Flash Season 7 come out?

The Flash follows Barry Allen who gains superhuman speed after an explosion at S.T.A.R Labs. Throughout the show Barry aka The Flash battles against numerous legendary villains. The show has received a lot of praise from critics and viewers. Its light tone and use of characters were richly satisfying. Grant Gustin who plays The Flash became a fan-favorite and his face has become synonymous with the titular character.

So when is The Flash Season 7 coming? Let’s find out.

Also a friendly reminder. Spoilers ahead!

The Flash Season 7: Release Date

Don’t you worry people! The Flash Season 7 is indeed happening!

According to a report in Deadline, official confirmation of the next season came early in January 2020 mid-way through Season 6.


But then the inevitable Coronavirus pandemic started. This led to Season 6 being cut short and out of the planned 22 episodes, 19 aired. The rest of the three episodes will now be part of the seventh season.

Deadline then reported that the next season is slated to begin filming from October 1. Then on October 29, another Deadline report mentioned that The Flash Season 7 is set to air on February 23, 2021. It will be followed by the season premiere of the latest show in the Arrowverse, Superman & Lois.

Who will be back?

The Flash Season 7
(Cast of The Flash Season 7 at DC Fandome 2020) Source: Comics Beat

All the main cast members are confirmed to return for The Flash Season 7. They include:

  • Grant Gustin – Barry Allen / The Flash
  • Candice Patton – Iris West-Allen
  • Danielle Panabaker – Caitlin Snow / Frost
  • Carlos Valdes – Cisco Ramon
  • Danielle Nicolet – Cecile Horton
  • Efrat Dor – Eva McCulloch
  • Tom Cavanagh – Harrison Nash Wells
  • Jesse L. Martin – Joe West

Brandon McKnight who had a recurring role in Season 6 as Chester P. Runk has been promoted to series regular for The Flash Season 7.

The Flash Season 7
(Brandon McKnight and Kayla Compton in The Flash) Source: TV Insider

Also joining the cast will be Kayla Compton who portrayed Allegra Garcia in the sixth season.

The Flash Season 7
(Hartley Sawyer in The Flash) Source:

Hartley Sawyer was expected to return as Ralph Dinby/The Elongated Man in the seventh season. However, the showrunners fired him in June following some of his old racist and misogynist tweets surfaced.


The Flash Season 7
(Sawyer’s resurfaced tweets) Source: Fandom

Showrunner Eric Wallace said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “We’re giving the Elongated Man a bit of a rest for a while. But we will leave the door open. I’m not saying by any means that it’s the end of the character. In fact, quite the opposite. We just don’t know when he will return, or in what form he will return.”

The Flash Season 7: Potential Plot

There’s plenty of room for ideas on where the next season is gonna go. After the Crisis event, the show had sort of a reboot.

Season 6 ends with a win for Eva, even though that might not have been planned. Still, it is an interesting way for the season to end.

We also see Iris vanishing into the Mirror World and we still have no answers. Luckily, the next season is just a few months away so fans don’t have to wait for long.

The Flash Season 7
(Candice Patton as Iris in The Flash) Source: Fandom

Season 7 will see Iris fighting her broken self in the mirror while Team Flash gather up to save them and bring them back. Here is the official trailer for The Flash Season 7:

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