The Defeated Season 2: Will the Show be Back for Another Season?


Fans are wondering about the renewal status of The Defeated Season 2. The Defeated also known as Shadowplay is currently hailing as one among Netflix’s top 10. Mans Marlind’s English-German bilingual mystery thriller series is full of political elements and historical fascination. However, the drama is loosely based on the popular verse-tale “Max and Moritz” The story revolves around Max McLaughlin, a Germany-based police officer in the New York Police Department. He begins a quest to find his long-lost brother in the ruins of Berlin. While doing so, several things unravel that reveal conspiracy, cheating, and all sorts of darkness. Although the show is based on crime and mystery, it also shows how humanity lies in little acts of kindness.

The Defeated Season 2 Release Date

Before discussing The Defeated Season 2, let’s talk about the first season. Even though the show premiered on Netflix on August 18, 2021, it had already started airing in October 2020 in Germany. The show premiered on a German channel called ZDF. It consisted of 8 episodes. Now talking about the second season, we have some good news for the viewers.


The Defeated Season 2: Will the Show be Back for Another Season?
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The show creator Man Marlind revealed in an interview that he has planned a two-seasons show. Henceforth, The Defeated will definitely return for a second season. Moreover, Mans also mentioned that the second season will also consist of eight episodes. Another piece of good news is that the shooting for season 2 already started in 2020 in Prague. However, it is still ongoing in 2021. So far, there is no official release date for the upcoming season. But we are hoping it to release sometime in 2022.

Expected Cast


We expect the show’s main cast to reprise their role in The Defeated Season 2. Taylor Kitsch will reprise his role as the protagonist, Max McLaughlin, the NYPD police officer. Besides him, the other characters are as follows:

  1. Logan Marshall Green as Moritz, Max’s brother
  2. Michael C. Hall as Tom Franklin
  3. Tuppence Middleton as Claire Franklin
  4. Nina Hoss as Elsie Garten
  5. Benjamin Sadler as Leopold Garten
  6. Ivan G’Vera as Alexander Izosimov
  7. Mala Emde as Karin Mann
  8. Sebastian Koch as Dr. Werner Engelmacher
  9. Maxmilian Ehrenreich as Gad

The Defeated Season 2: Will the Show be Back for Another Season?
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The Defeated Season 2 Expected Plot

In season 1, Max takes the audience across war-torn Berlin while searching for his brother. However, while doing so, he unfolds several international mysteries. Towards the end of the first season, Moritz takes hold of Tom Franklin and decides on torturing and killing him. Max reaches on time and stops Moritz from killing Tom Franklin. In the chaos, Max ends up shooting Moritz. However, The Defeated Season 2 will pick up exactly where season 1 ended. Fortunately, Moritz is still alive and full of vengeance. Besides that, we will also see the budding relationship between Max and Claire.

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