The British Army to Drive Tankers as the Fuel Shortage in the UK Continues to Rise


The British army will start driving tankers as the fuel problem in the country continues to rise. Even after all these days, the drivers are standing in long queues waiting for fuel only to know that the pumps are empty. However, PM Boris Johnson has claimed that the situation in the country is improving. But we don’t really see that happening. The government has come up with several plans to solve the problem but that could take a while before things get sorted.

The British Army to Drive Tankers in Britain

Amid fuel shortage in the United Kingdom, the British army has decided to ride tankers to restock empty pumps. The issue is not yet solved despite PM Boris Johnson’s claims.


The British Army to Drive Tankers as the Fuel Shortage in the UK Continues to Rise
Source: Cyprus Mail

However, the pumps are still empty, drivers are still standing in long queues waiting for their turn. All the pumps are empty in the United Kingdom as a result of people rushing for panic-buying in several cities across the country. The news comes after when oil companies announce that they do not have enough truck drivers to move fuel from refineries to the gas stations.

More than 150 Soldiers of the British Army are on Duty

According to the business minister, Kwasi Kwarteng, more than 150 soldiers from the British army are mobilized for duty. They will soon drive the tankers and supply petrol and diesel from the oil refineries to the petrol pumps. However, the business minister stated that the last few days were really tough for the citizens. People were standing in long queues waiting for their turn. But now the situation is under control. The soldiers are on duty now. Furthermore, he added that they will get their way through this.

The Fuel Shortage Problem


In order to solve the fuel shortage problem, the government of the United Kingdom decided to make a few changes in its visa rules. Besides that, they also announced that they have more than 5000 openings for foreign truck drivers. Although this was announced a few days earlier, we haven’t heard or seen anything about the new visa rules. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has assured us that things are getting under control, but we can’t comment on anything until we get the desired results. Now that the British army is doing their duty, we can expect things to get better.

The British Army to Drive Tankers as the Fuel Shortage in the UK Continues to Rise
Source: The Independent

What did the Authorities Say?

Addressing the situation, Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked the citizens not to panic buy. Moreover, he assured them that things will get under control very soon. There is a shortage of around 100,00 truck drivers in the United Kingdom. Besides Johnson, Kwarteng also stated that he isn’t really sure about the future, but things are stabilizing now. As of now, the petrol pumps are giving priority to essential workers such as doctors, nurses, and other staff. The British Army will soon take over its duties to solve the problem in the country.

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