The Age Of Emily in Emily In Paris: What’s Going On With It And The Actual Reality


The age of Emily in Emily In Paris is such a hot topic. Who are we kidding? The dilemma the show has created is unspoken for. The hate the show gets is contrasted with the entertainment others recovered from the show. The cast of the show, where on one hand is love, on the other, is questioned for their choice. Darren Star is getting quite the time of his life these days. Emily In Paris is an American romantic comedy TV series on Netflix. It premiered on October 2, 2020. The show revolves around the titular Emily, who moves from Chicago to Paris on a new marketing job. The job is supposed to extract the American point of view in French daily tasks. There, she juggles her career, tries to explore herself in a new city, while keeping her eyes open for love.

The show has ten episodes, each taking us further in the journey of Emily In Paris. The show broadly engages us whilst also making us question literally everything. Let’s see who is in the show.

age of Emily in Emily In Paris
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The cast of Emily In Paris

The cast of the show includes Lily Collins in the lead role of Emily Cooper, Phillippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie, Ashley Park as Emily’s friend, Mindy Chen, and Lucas Bravo as Emily’ love interest, Gabriel. We also see beautifully talented Kate Walsh as Madeline Wheeler.


Ah! Grey’s Anatomy OG here!

What’s the deal with the age of Emily?

You clicked on the article to find out the age of Emily. Firstly, let’s know what’s the gung-ho about. Why do people even bother to know a fictional character’s age? All around the internet, whenever Emily is described, the age comes as “twenty-something”. However, the protagonist Lily Collins refutes that and thinks that that information is certainly wrong. She instead told E Online that she thinks Emily is fresh out of college.

Same! Our reaction is like what? A fresh graduate being the senior brand manager. I mean, where did the sunrise for her?

The burning corporate world is not lenient. It eats you up while you try to breathe the first spiff of air. Emily is on Instagram, but not on TikTok. She is a social media professional and remembers dial-up internet. Also, the boss’s decision to send a fresh graduate to Paris in her place seems too good to be true. The obnoxious blend of seemingly tacit behaviors that Lily seems to project doesn’t sit right with us. Also, at one point, Emily mentions she has a masters degree. So, that automatically makes her around 24, even if she did a dual degree. And then, repeat the diligent work she has shown to her boss to consider her as her replacement for a Paris job.

However, her naivety with her interaction with Gabriel makes us think that maybe she is too young to know the big woman’s doings.


Age of Emily in Emily In Paris
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What exactly is the age of Emily in Emily In Paris?

let’s go back to Lily’s comments again. After her comments, she posted on her social media, “Sorry girl, You might not be 22, but I gotta say-you do act like it sometimes.”

Heck yeah, she does, but how old is she?

I have no hair currently thinking about it. Haha, just kidding! I am not bald.

Her co-star Lucas Bravo said that she is around 24-26. However, we think that creating an apt age for Emily never came into the writers’ head. They just went on to create the perplexing art of a Paris rendition in all its cliched glory.



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