Thai Government Issues Warning When Clubhouse Emerges as Platform For Protesters


On Wednesday, the Thai government ordered Clubhouse customers not to violate the law after the audio social media platform appeared almost overnight as a forum for monarchy debate. It is the ultimate example of the fast-growing app drawing the wrath of Asian governments.

Digital Minister Puttipong Punnakanta said the Thai authorities were watching users of Clubhouse. He also said that the app’s political parties were altering data and possibly breaching laws.

In recent days, a huge proportion of Thai users have joined Clubhouse after Pavin Chachavalpongpun. It is a prominent Thai palace critic japan -based, joined on Friday and began debating the monarchy.


Introduced last year, Clubhouse allows people to host voice chats. In the past couple of months, it has grown in popularity. Particularly, after Tesla CEO Elon Musk emerged on it last month.

“What needs to be spoken will be spoken. It is risky but it must be encouraged. Because the more we speak about it the more such discussions become the norm. These exercises help boost courage”. Pavin, who had gained more than 70,000 followers in his first five days on the app, told Reuters. 

More About Thai Protest and Involvement of Clubhouse:

Last year’s youth Thai protests centered on demands for changes of the royal structure, a question long labeled social taboo. At least 59 individuals are being detained or charged under Thailand’s “lese majeste” law against offending or defaming the king since the protests began. 

The viewer of Pavin expanded from about 300 on Friday to over 12,000 on Tuesday night. It was just after he addressed King Maha Vajiralongkorn in a room that hit the full capacity of the app quickly.

The fast growth of the app has attracted the attention of other governments in the country. Earlier this month, after a short time when thousands of mainland users engaged in discussions frequently censored in China, including about Xinjiang detention camps and Hong Kong’s National Security Rule, China blocked access to the app.


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Some pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong have gained lots of active users on the app. While, users there seem to have stopped short of holding open debates about reviving demonstrations that could draw the wrath of Beijing.

Cybercrime legislation is routinely used by the Thai government to prosecute opponents of the monarchy for national security purposes. On Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, it has clamped down on such critiques already.

Indonesia said on Wednesday that Clubhouse is yet to register with the authorities and could be barred if it did not agree with local laws.

Reddit, Vimeo, and dozens of pornography pages have also been blocked by Indonesia. Indonesia compels tech companies to register.

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