Tesla Model S Plaid Launches in the US, CEO Elon Musk Claims ‘Faster than Porsche, Safer than Volvo’


Tesla Model S Plaid is reportedly the fastest car in the world right now. With its launch in the United States, the car has marked history. CEO Elon Musk launched the car at an event at Fremont Gigafactory. The car is undoubtedly amazing with some really cool features.

Elon Musk Launches Tesla Model S Plaid in the US

Tesla Model S Plaid launched as the world’s fastest car at the carmaker’s Fremont facility in California. CEO Elon Musk himself launched the vehicle at the event. He himself drove the electric car, a performance version of the Model S sedan. And then hosted the event in his inimical style. Reportedly, the new electric car is the fastest in the entire world. We will have a look at its specifications below.


Tesla Model S Plaid Launches in the US, CEO Elon Musk Claims 'Faster than Porsche, Safer than Volvo'
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How much does the Electric-Car Cost?

Tesla Model S Plaid is priced at $129,990 which is roughly Rs. 95 lakhs. Earlier the price was set to $119,990. But just before the event the developers spiked the sedan’s price. Besides this model, the price for other Tesla cars increased as well. The four-door electric cars began deliveries just after its launch. CEO Elon Musk announced that the deliveries are opened post-event. However, the car was supposed to launch on June 3, 2021. But due to some supply issues, they had to delay the launch event.

What are the Specifications and Features of the Tesla Model S Plaid? 


Tesla Model S Plaid packs 1020 horsepower. CEO Elon Musk said that the car is faster than a Porsche and safer than a Volvo. This is how he introduced the car to the audience. Moreover, the car goes from a 0-to-60 mph dash in less than 2 seconds. The car’s top speed is rumored as 200 mph (321 km ph). Although, Tesla has clearly mentioned that the driver can attain the speed only with proper wheels and tires.

Tesla Model S Plaid Launches in the US, CEO Elon Musk Claims 'Faster than Porsche, Safer than Volvo'
Source: Jalopnik

Originally, the car stands on a 19-inch wheel. But the customers can customize it up to 21-inch wheels as well. This electric Tesla car has Superchargers. It can add up to 187 miles (300 km) of range just in 15 minutes. According to Elon Musk, the car’s charging capacity is even less than a coffee break. It will charge itself before the user finishes his or her coffee. That is something huge! Musk has built approximately 25,000 networks of Superchargers across the world for his customers. However, it took 9 years for Tesla to come up with this S Plaid sedan version.

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