Tesla for a Jab? Hong Kong Comes Up with Offers to Boost its Vaccination Drive


Hong Kong residents; who get fully vaccinated stand a chance to win a Tesla car. This is bizarre. Several countries have come up with various schemes regarding COVID-19 vaccination. It is just another way to boost up the vaccination drive. The more schemes and prizes; the more numbers of vaccination. Hong Kong has come up with this bizarre and amazing scheme for inoculation, ‘Tesla for jab’.

Hong Kong Offers Tesla Car to Residents for Getting Vaccinated 

If you are a Hong Kong resident, you have the chance of winning a Tesla car post-vaccination. The country has come up with this innovative and bizarre technique to boost its vaccination drive. It is a good technique indeed to encourage more and more people for vaccination. Tesla vehicles are quite popular in China and its administrative regions.


Tesla for a Jab? Hong Kong Comes Up with Offers to Boost its Vaccination Drive
Source: Tesla

It can easily make a good offer; to woo people for vaccination. Hong Kong authorities are offering a Tesla Model 3 Long Range version; if their residents get fully vaccinated. However, the deadline is August 31, 2021. Only people who get vaccinated before August 31; stand a chance to win the electric car. Model 3 is Tesla’s most popular and best-selling electronic car. Besides that, it can sprint from 0-to-60 mph in just 3.1 seconds. That’s huge!

A Lot More Exciting Rewards and Prizes Besides a Tesla Car

Besides a Tesla car, the Hong authorities are offering several other prizes. Local businesses are offering gold bars and iPhones. Several companies and colleges have also come up with various schemes; and are offering gift vouchers. On the other hand, they are also offering cash payouts and extra time off. There is so much to win in Hong Kong post-vaccination; apart from a Tesla car. Moreover, the government has announced paid leave; for inoculated civil servants. The government has also decided on a few restrictions for non-vaccinated residents.

Several Countries are Offering Schemes to Promote Vaccination 


Many countries around the world; are offering schemes to their residents for getting vaccinated. The US is offering free beer and cannabis to all those people who get themselves inoculated. Similarly, other countries are also offering gifts and prizes; for their citizens. Moreover, it is indeed a good idea to woo people and encourage them to get vaccinated. Besides that, this will accelerate the country’s vaccination drive. Hong Kong’s Tesla technique is beyond amazing.

Tesla for a Jab? Hong Kong Comes Up with Offers to Boost its Vaccination Drive
Source: Time Magazine

The Country Aims for Herd Immunization 

Hong Kong is aiming for herd immunity. The region has a population of 7.5 million. Out of 7.5 million people; only 15.1 percent are fully vaccinated. Henceforth, the country needed the million-dollar Tesla scheme; to push its vaccination drive. Until and unless people come forward for vaccination; herd immunization is probably difficult.

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