Teen Wolf Season 7: We Got ALL Real Situation


There really is no Season 7 of Teen Wolf. After network execs and Exec Producer Jeff Davis decided that the show had come to a close, the MTV series finished with Season 6. 

Since about 2020, ViacomCBS (MTV) not really has the contract terms to create new Teen Wolf shows. Alternatively, while MGM has all the rights to the original film, without any of the involvement of MTV, they will not resume the tv series.

Without MTV first breaking its grip on the actors and current storylines, this legal stalemate suggests that MGM will not make a Season 7 or a film set in the present Teen Wolf Universe.

The mystical MTV series rounded off its six-season, 100-episode run in 2017, however with the Beacon Hills gang, its followers are still asking to have another go. It is better for the viewers to believe that season 6 was the season finale and nothing more in on the way.


Yes You Heard That Right! Teen Wolf Could Finally Make A Comeback With Season 7 - DKODING

A fan tweeted “Reasons to bring back Teen Wolf for Season 7” on December 24, 2020.

1) To see more Stydia.

2) To see Isaac return back to Beacon Hills.

3) To see Theo redeem himself and get in the pack.

4) To see more Stiles.”

False Rumors Spread About Teen Wolf


Rumors started to circulate that new seasons of the series Teen Wolf will follow soon, starting after MTV assembled the cast for a Zoom Video Call in June 2020.

Even though most of these rumors seem to have been instances of news sources digging without background for clickbait titles and publishing scattered quotes from the cast, there were some internet trolls. These people or organizations began fooling viewers and fans with falsely produced videos told to be original trailers for the so-called upcoming series.

Potential Plot

Davis explained in 2017 that since they never aimed at making it, he had no firm story or plot in his mind for Season 7.

Davis states Season 7 may have followed Alec when pushed and picked up wherever Season 6 started.

“I think if we did it, I would have hired Ben Wadsworth to be the new Teen Wolf with Posey handing over the reigns. I’m sure the seventh season would have been about taking down Tamora Monroe while some new supernatural threat reared its head.”

Potential Movie

Davis and actor Tyler Posey have been exploring the idea of creating a show-based Teen Wolf film for years. It never went past the creation stage “wouldn’t it be cool”. No plan has been developed for a Teen Wolf film.

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