Taliban Says China will Play a Big Role in Reconstructing Afghanistan


Taliban representative, Suhail Shaheen, said in an interview with Chinese broadcasters; that China will help in reconstructing, rehabilitating, and reconstructing Afghanistan. Moreover, Chinese authorities claim that the Islamic militant organization is much more clear-headed now as compared to their 1996-2001 period.

China will Help in Reconstructing, Rebuilding, and Rehabilitating Afghanistan: The Taliban

In an interview with Chinese broadcasters, Taliban representative Suhail Shaheen claimed that China will help in reconstructing, rebuilding, and rehabilitating Afghanistan. The interview was broadcasted a few hours later the statement of China’s foreign minister. He, on the other hand, claimed that the Islamic organization is much more clearheaded and rational than they were in their power period from 1996 to 2001. Within a week, the Islamic organization has seized Afghanistan including the capital, Kabul. They have also implemented repressive laws in various regions of the war-torn country.


Taliban Says China will Play a Big Role in Reconstructing Afghanistan
Source: India Today

Will the Islamic Organization Reimpose Oppressive Laws in Afghanistan? 

People in Afghanistan fear the oppressive rule of the Taliban in the country after the Islamic organization took power in their hands. During their rule 20 years back, the lives of people especially women became miserable in Afghanistan. As a result, several people decided to flee the country and take shelter in safer regions. However, a lot of people also lost their lives while boarding flights from Kabul airport. On the other hand, experts fear that their rule will bring back all the oppressive laws in the country that used to prevail 20 years ago. The militant group follows typical Islamic laws.

Taliban is More Clear-Headed and Rational Now: China


Chinese authorities believe that the Taliban is quite different now as they were 20 years back. They are more clear-headed and rational now as compared to their rule in the 1990s. Besides that, they will form an inclusive government that supports moderate Islamic laws. When asked about implementing harsh laws in the country; Shaheen claimed that international statements regarding women are incorrect. They will allow women to work and educate themselves but within some boundaries. If they are journalists, they can continue their work as usual. Moreover, if they are teachers, they are allowed to teach.

Taliban Says China will Play a Big Role in Reconstructing Afghanistan
Source: Reuters

China will Play a Very Important Role

Shaheen claimed that China is a big country with a well-developed economy. He further stated that Chinese officials will help the Taliban in building a better Afghanistan. They will help in reconstructing, rebuilding, and rehabilitating the war-torn country. China has helped Afghanistan in the past when the Islamic organization was in power and they are expecting the same from them now.

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