Taliban Prepares to Re-impose Power in Afghanistan, Brings in Repressive Laws


Soon after the US troops left Afghanistan, the Taliban has started showing its true colors in the country. They are regaining their power in Afghanistan; reimposing repressive laws in the country for both men and women. In occupied regions, they are bringing oppressive regulations and policies for the citizens.

Islamic Organization Taliban to Bring in Harsh Laws in Afghanistan

The Taliban is regaining power in its territories in Afghanistan; after the pullout of US and NATO troops from the country. A few days earlier, a leader for the Islamic organization said that they will bring new rules to the country. But it seems that it was all a political agenda. The new rules seem nothing but oppressive and harsh; for both men and women in Afghanistan.


Taliban Prepares to Re-impose Power in Afghanistan, Brings in Repressive Laws
Source: Times of India

What were the Rules During their Reign in Afghanistan?

During their five years rule in Afghanistan (1996 to 2001); the Taliban exploited the citizens in every possible way they could. Almost all the countries’ governments were against their rules, but Pakistan was always supported. Pakistan supported them both militarily and politically. During their reign, women were not allowed to work or go to school. Besides that, they were even not allowed to go out of the house; without a male representative. Moreover, men were asked to wear turban or caps on their heads. Any form of entertainment was banned in the country. However, people who didn’t follow these rules were publicly humiliated or even killed sometimes.

They have Tried to Negotiate Peace in the Country

In their recent statements, the Taliban have said that they will reduce violence in Afghanistan. They said that they will promote peace and harmony in the country. Moreover, women will have the right to study or go to work. They have also pledged to protect public infrastructures in the country; such as government buildings, roads, and schools. In a shocking statement, they have said that they will promote peace in the country if the Afghan President is removed from his position.

Trying to Implement Repressive Laws in their Territories


After making such peace-promising statements; the Taliban seems to act like they used to act before. In North and Northeast Afghanistan, they have asked families to marry off women to their fighters. Moreover, they have asked men to grow beards; and pray in the mosques. Besides that, women can still not leave the house without any male representative. According to reports, they have destroyed several public infrastructures in their territories. Henceforth, this implies that the organization wants nothing but power.

Taliban Prepares to Re-impose Power in Afghanistan, Brings in Repressive Laws
Source: The Indian Express

What do the Critics think about the Taliban?

Ahmad Rashid, a Pakistani journalist; claims that he has covered Afghanistan for more than 20 years. He believes that the Taliban can never preach democracy. Instead, they only want to collapse the present government; and establish their own rule. Sanam Sadat, an Afghan activist said that he’s quite worried about the situation. If the organization establishes power in Afghanistan; women will suffer a lot.

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