Taiwan Happy National Day Posters Put up By Tajinder Bagga Taken Down


Taiwan Happy National day posters were put up by Delhi’s BJP member Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga. He did this feat on October 10, 2020, outside the Chinese Embassy complex in New Delhi’s Chanakyapuri. The Chinese Embassy earlier issued a message to the media to not cover National Day. They asked them to follow the One-China policy. The statement issued read, “We hope Indian media can stick to government’s position on Taiwan. China does not want Taiwan be referred to as a country or ‘republic of China’, so as not to send wrong signals to the general public.” However, Taiwan said, “Taiwan’s Indian friends will have one reply: GET LOST.” Hence, the BJP decided to hang the posters wishing Taiwan Happy National Day in front of the Chinese embassy.

NDMC took down Taiwan Happy National Day posters


Other than hanging these posters, BJP MPs Meenakshi Lekhi and Rahul Kaswan also virtually attended the Taiwan President swearing-in ceremony. Communist China, Republic of China, later on, asked India to refrain from such acts. India has a strong business and cultural relationship with Taiwan. However, we can’t say the same with China. So, Indian MPs doing such deeds show their detest towards the nation. However, within hours the New Delhi Municipal Council removed all the posters with hours. An NDMC official said, “We have removed the posters put up close to the Chinese embassy.”

Taiwan Happy National Day posters
Source; The Hindu


The official also said that Taiwan Happy National Day posters had put without permission and were “unauthorized”. After the tweet from Bagga on Saturday, the NDMC got to work. India said that it does not recognize the Republic of China (Taiwan) diplomatically through New Delhi maintains cultural, economic, and tourism ties with Taipei. MEA did not officially remark on the incident. However, it said that “Indian media is free and reports on issues as it seems fit.”

The spat came as a result of LAC standoff

The latest incident by Tajinder Singh Bagga seems to further aggravate India’s ties with China. China’s relational knots with Taiwan arent the best. Hence, it asked the countries to not recognize Taiawna and its national day. Taiwan and China do not recognize each other as a favorable nation. India and its standoff at Line of Actual Control with China are at its peak right now. This makes all the Indians, not like China. Hence, the step by BJP to warm things further seems quite understandable. It is clear that India not following Chinese advice of ‘One-China’ principle is a step further down the roasting lane.

Taiwan Happy National Day posters
The man behind the roast–Source: The Week


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