Study: Flu Vaccine Can Decrease Covid-19 Chances In Children


A recent study by the University of Missouri School of Medicine, Columbia, indicates that children receiving seasonal flu shots are less likely to experience signs of a covid-19 disease.

In the pediatric population, the research entitled—Influenza vaccination can have a beneficial impact on the course of covid-19: when SARS-Cov-2 meets influenza—recently reported in the journal Cureus, more than 900 children infected with covid-19 were treated in 2020.

Anjali Patwardhan made statements on this. She is a professor of pediatric rheumatology and child health, University of Missouri School of Medicine. She said, “It is known that the growth of one virus can be inhibited by a previous viral infection. This phenomenon is called virus interference, and it can occur even when the first virus invader is an inactivated virus, such as the case with the flu vaccine.”


In order to evaluate each patient’s influenza vaccination history, Patwardhan checked reports from 905 pediatric patients diagnosed with covid-19 between February and August 2020. She found that the covid-19 positive children who got the influenza vaccine had lower risk of developing complications, respiratory issues or serious illness in the ongoing flu season.

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More About Effects On Children:

Children with covid-19 who got the pneumococcal vaccine also had lesser risks of developing symptomatic disease. This is in accordance with the study conclusions


“Research on the pediatric population is critical because children play a significant role in influencing viral transmission. Understanding the relationship and co-existence of other viruses alongside covid-19 and knowing the vaccination status of the pediatric patient may help in deploying the right strategies to get the best outcomes,” Patwardhan said.

In a larger geographical-multiracial analysis, she further added, it’ll also be necessary to examine the link between vaccinations and covid-19 symptoms. “Based on these findings, we hypothesize that the higher incidence of covid-19 in minority populations may also reflect their low vaccination rate apart from other health inequalities,” She added.

However, seasonal flu vaccines are recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), and influenza immunization, also known as influenza. However, it is not compulsory in India. Several studies conducted in India suggest that the intake of influenza vaccine has been very limited.

“So far flu shots uptake was very low in India. This year due to covid-19 pandemic there is more awareness and coverage has improved but still a long way to go,” said Naveen Thacker , Executive Director of the International Pediatric Association and former Civil Society Organizations (CSO) representative of the vaccine alliance board, Gavi.”

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