Stressful Conditions Between India and China Over Nepal


India and China happen to be under special circumstances regarding the country of Nepal which is India’s neighbor on the Northern side. While the country has a great and unique geographical position, it forms the reason why many rival economies of India want Nepal’s attention. For China, Nepal is a defensive wall against the “International movement targeting China”. For India, the country is a fellow Hindu Nation and hence, is very valuable in terms of maintenance of influence and also for the security of its boundaries.

More About The Tension Over Nepal :

China has sent back down and is already pursuing Nepal by meeting with certain officials. China’s Ambassador to the country, Hou Yanqi, met the president of Nepal, Bidya Devi Bhandari, at Shital Nivas the president’s Palace. The exact content and various details along with the discussion are not known and hence it is quite unsure what they talked about. But there are many reports which claim that the to talked about Covid-19 vaccines.


Problems at the periphery
Telangana Today

Chinese ambassador’s visit is raising eyebrows fore is heated came just after 2 days when Nepal president dissolved the parliament of the country when Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Oli recommended him to do so. The thing was that the 68-year-old Prime Minister Oli claimed that the dissolution of the Nepalese Parliament was necessary because they were causing friction in the Nepalese Communist Party and it was difficult for him to govern the country.


Oli became the Prime Minister of Nepal after his Nepal Communist Party became the winner of the elections 3 years ago when his party and the party of former Maoist Rebels together much to form a strong communist party in order to win the election. However, differences arose between Oli and the leader of the Maoist rebel, 66-year-old Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, who is the co-chairperson of NCP or Nepal Communist Party.

But now, many reports are suggesting that there was China’s involvement in the dissolution while many articles say that the country has no interest as to who governs Nepal. The matter has become quite confusing as Oli said that he was cornered and forced to dissolve the Parliament.

 “We have to ask for forgiveness with the people and go for a fresh election as we could not deliver what we had promised,” Oli said.


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