South Park Season 24, Episode 2: When Should Be Expects More Mischief?


South Park is one of the most innovative shows that have been going out for years. It focuses on various educational values, along with a moral lesson at the end of each episode. The show is featured on Netflix and this is great. The show has gathered even more popular ever since the arrival of the show on Netflix and this is just great. But, the show, for now, has completed over 23 seasons, and now, this is the 24th season we are talking about. For now, we have a little clue as to what the show makers are planning and we will be giving you a glimpse of it. 

More About The Plot Of South Park Season 24 Episode 2:

Since the year 1999, the show called South Park has generated laughs and educated young teens on matters which are surrounding the world today. With most of the seasons of the show focussing on various issues, the Pandemic Special of South Park can be considered as the first episode of the 24th season. This means that more material can be expected soon from the creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone


This is great news for those who have been waiting for the new season of South Park Season 24 ever since the end of Season 23 on December 11, 2019. The Covid-19 related lockdown could be one of the biggest reasons for the delay in the release of the new season. But, there could be some great news coming our way soon because of the release of the Pandemic Special episode of the show.

South Park Season 24 Is Already Confirmed | Den of Geek
Den of Geek


The first episode of South Park Season 24 came out on 30th September 2020. This means that the second episode could be around soon but, the biggest question is when the second episode will come out?

As of now, no information is present for the release of the new season. The show makers have been silent on the release date of the “10th Best Cartoon Of All Time”. This could be a time of great discouragement for the fans who have now waited for a long for the new season of the show. But, the lockdown must have caused delays in the production of the show and so, we can expect that the show might take a long time in order to return.

Well well, we can just wait for the day. Anyway, this would be definitely a special day for the fans out there.

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