South Park Season 24 Episode 2, the foremost highest rated episode of South Park sitcom


Kicking off with various hilarious scenes, South Park gained more attention than Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Dad sitcoms. South Park crew managed to gain the spotlight through their dark, surreal humor and funny content. The sitcom made its debut on 13th august 1997 and renewed to rock the screen for the next twenty-three years. 

The release date of South Park season 24 episode 2

South Park season 24th episode 2 is the most awaited episode of 2020, by the funniest sitcom fans. Unquestionably, Trey Parker released the special one-hour episode on 30th September 2020, titled “The Pandemic Special” on Comedy Central in the US.


On contrary to the release, it is still uncertain whether it is a part of season 24 or a stand-alone episode. Well, let’s get to know the nook and corners of the special episode.   

South Park Season 24 episode 2
A scene from “The pandemic episode”

If you have missed the special episode, then chill, you can watch or rewatch it anytime on the official South Park website and Comedy Central app for free. Besides, it is available on HBO Max, Hulu, ViacomCBS for bing-watchers. 

The Pandemic Episode- South Park Season 24 Episode 2:


As the title says, the plot of South Park season 24 episode 2, focuses on incidents that occurred during this 2020 pandemic. In this special episode, South Park citizens come across COVID19 pandemic commonly faced issues. Meanwhile, as usual, the lads head back to school, without acknowledging the upcoming events. 

Overall, The Pandemic Special” episode gained critical acclaim for its commentary on social issues and humor. On the other hand, it reflected negative points for the plot and the duration of the episode. Moreover, it was the highest-rated South Park episode in over seven years. It holds overall 4 million viewers and 2 million viewers, especially on Comedy Central. The show was appreciated by viewers for their guts to emphasize social issues in a humorous style. So it is absolutely the best episode to count on for pastime. 

As already mentioned, the latest episode of South Park revealed the incidents that took place during this pandemic in the United States. The sitcom tactically expressed viewpoints of the US’s Coronovuirs response, police brutality, and racial unrest, including mental health, improper mask-wearing, education, sinophobia, and other major incidents.

South Park season 24 episode 2 voice artists: 

  • Eric Cartman by Trey Parker.
  • Kenny McCormick by Matt Stone
  • Kyle Broflovski by Matt Stone.
  • Sharon Marsh by April Stewart. 
  • Sheila Broflovski by Mona Marshall.
  • Laura Tucker by Elisa Gabrielli and other notable performers. 

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