Some Taliban Representatives Support Women’s Education: UNICEF


The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said in a recent statement; that some Taliban representatives support the education of Afghan girls and women. After the Islamic militant organization’s control in Afghanistan, there are several questions running in peoples’ minds. Will they allow women to study and work? Are they going to make the lives of Afghans miserable? Why are they trying to take control of Afghanistan and implement oppressive laws?

Some Taliban Representatives Want Education for Women: UNICEF


The UNICEF stated that some Taliban representatives in Afghanistan; want women and girls to educate themselves. People in several parts of the country; especially women are worried about their rights in Afghanistan. However, UNICEF assured that they are providing aid to the people of the war-torn country. Besides that, they expect some cooperation from the Islamic militant organization. Mustapha Ben Messaoud, UNICEF’s chief of field operations in Afghanistan, addressed the above-written statements.

The Islamic Organization’s Torment in Afghanistan

While the Taliban was in power in Afghanistan between 1996-2001, the lives of women were miserable in the country. They did not women to work and women’s education was not considered essential. Moreover, women were not allowed to leave their homes; without any male member of the family. Besides that, women were supposed to cover themselves in Burkha from head to toe. However, the Islamic organization has stated that it won’t repeat history. But people in the country, especially women do not trust their words.

Some Members Want Schools Up and Running for Girls


The UNICEF representative in Afghanistan; interviewed some of the Taliban members. He stated that some of them want girls and women to educate themselves. They said that they are waiting for their leaders to pass on an official statement; regarding women’s education. Moreover, they also said that they want the schools “up and running”. Some of the members said that women can work if they want to. But there are certain guidelines. However, UNICEF hasn’t established talks with the organization’s leaders in Kabul yet.

Taliban Spokesperson Says that they will Allow Women to Work

In their first-ever press release after the seizure; the Taliban have stated that they will allow women to work in Afghanistan. But they will have to work within the limits of Islamic law. The organization’s spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid; said that women will remain active in Afghanistan but under certain rules. Moreover, he stated that their organization wants peace with other countries. They don’t want any enemies inside or outside their land.


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