Slow Vaccination Drive Can Lead to a Third Wave of COVID-19: Scientist


If vaccination drives not ramped up, no one can stop a third COVID-19 wave. India thought that it has successfully defeated the virus last year. Everything almost got back to normal. Schools and colleges were opened. People started going on vacations, etc. But suddenly, the virus exploded again leaving a horrendous second wave. So many people lost their lives in the second wave. We were witnessing more than 4 lakh cases on a daily basis.

Ramp up Vaccination Drive and Follow All Norms 

Experts suggest that if the COVID-19 vaccination drives not ramped up, a third wave is possible. We can expect a third wave in the next 6-8 months. Sutra Model is a group that projects COVID-19 trajectory via mathematics. M. Vidyasagar, a scientist in the Sutra model has come up with this prediction. If people discontinue COVID-19 norms, no one can stop the third wave. So far, the Sutra model has not predicted the wave’s exact timing.


Slow Vaccination Drive Can Lead to a Third Wave of COVID-19: Scientist
Source: Business Standard

Hear from the Scientist 

Vidyasagar cited an Italian research paper. It reflected decreasing antibodies, which give immunity in the last 6 months. Vidyasagar said that if antibodies are lost, immunity will go down too. In this case, vaccination is the only solution. More and people should get vaccinated in order to avoid the third wave. People should also follow all the COVID-19 norms and precautions. If not acted carefully, a third wave is possible in the next 6-8 months.

Vaccination In India 


India opened its vaccination drive for all adults on May 1. Everyone who is 18+ can get vaccinated now. But the problem is, not many people are concerned about vaccination. Currently, there are two prominent vaccines available in India. First is Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin. And the second is, Serum Institute’s Covishield. Both vaccines are safe, effective, and trustworthy. However, people are still skeptical about vaccines. This is worrisome. India needs to move towards herd immunity. As the cases are rising, inoculation is the only option.

Slow Vaccination Drive Can Lead to a Third Wave of COVID-19: Scientist
Source: New Indian Express

It is Difficult, But Not Impossible

M. Vidyasagar suggested guidance at local levels. The states, districts, and cities should ramp up their vaccination drive. Moreover, they should impose strict restrictions. They should provide guidance about containment, treatment, precautions, and tests. We can stop the transmission if we are careful. Significantly, we can also avoid the third wave. It sounds difficult but not impossible. Henceforth, get vaccinated if you haven’t yet. Also, follow all the COVID-19 precautions.

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