Signal app suddenly became Famous on app stores


Messaging app Signal has gained significant popularity, witnessing a surge in new downloads this week.

The signal on Saturday morning tweeted that the app has topped the list of free apps on Apple’s App Store charts in India, Austria, France, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, and Switzerland.

The messaging app saw a massive surge in new downloads earlier this week following endorsement from Tesla CEO Elon Musk.


Musk, following WhatsApp’s new privacy policy update, took a jibe at the Facebook-owned platform and tweeted, “Use Signal.”

Signal saw a significant jump in new sign-ups after Musk’s tweet, among other popular endorsements and amid concerns regarding WhatsApp’s new privacy policy where it mentioned that it would share user data with Facebook.

This had indeed created a huge impact among users across the globe as people, who want to safeguard their privacy is looking for alternatives.

The signal app is one of the most promising and secure messaging platforms recommended for everyone. It’s been trending in India on Twitter today and has every right to do so as users are now aware of what is right and wrong for their privacy.

Already a lot of people are now uninstalling WhatsApp and switching to Telegram and Signal while the latter becomes the most downloaded app in multiple countries be it on App Store or Play Store.

App’s Sudden Surge on App Store:


Signal earlier today tweeted the App Store charts for top free apps where it currently sits at the number one position.

Signal has managed to beat WhatsApp for the top spot in India, Germany, France, Austria, Finland, Hong Kong, and Switzerland. The signal became the top free app in the Google Play Store as well in Hungary and Germany.

Reuters reported that data from Sensor Tower showed Signal was downloaded by more than 100,000 people on Android and iOS devices in the last two days.

The new installs of WhatsApp fell by 11% in the first week of 2021. Even so, WhatsApp still secured around 10.5 million downloads globally.

Downloads of the app from India have increased by 79 percent from January 1 to 6 compared to December 26 to 31 as per data from app analytics firm Sensor Tower, Times of India reported.


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