Sex Education Season 4: Will there be Another Season of Netflix’s British Teen Drama?


After a blockbuster third season, are fans ready for Sex Education Season 4? The recent and third season of the series is currently hailing as #1 on Netflix. And why wouldn’t it? Fans were waiting for season 3 for a very long time. They were desperate to know the answers to some of their questions that were left off in season 2. But to their surprise, season 3 left more questions for season 4. After all that happened in season 3, how couldn’t we wait for the fourth season? So, has Netflix renewed the British teen drama for another season? This is all we know.

Sex Education Season 4: Renewed or Canceled?

Netflix is yet to renew Sex Education Season 4. However, the chances for a fourth season are really strong. A lot happened in the previous season, leaving the fans on several cliffhangers. The recent season of the popular British teen drama dropped on September 17, 2021, on Netflix.


Sex Education Season 4: Will there be Another Season of Netflix's British Teen Drama?
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Henceforth, it is quite early for the streaming service to make any renewal announcement. Besides that, fans have several unanswered questions from the third season. They need a fourth season for sure to get their answers. Netflix usually runs its shows for about three to four seasons. Therefore, we are expecting it to renew Sex Education for a fourth and potentially, last time.

Expected Plot 

In the previous season, we saw the bittersweet relationship between Maeve and Otis. The latter is enjoying his casual relationship with Ruby, who got a very significant role to play in season 3. On the other hand, Maeve is spending a lot of time with her new neighbor, Isaac. Besides that, she is also extremely worried about her drug-addict mother. We also came to know that Moordale High is shutting down as the investors have withdrawn their funds. Moreover, Maeve is moving to the United States for an academic program. In Sex Education Season 4, we will come to know about the fate of Moordale High. Did the school actually shut down? If it did, what happened to the students? Where did they take admissions? Moreover, for how long is Maeve going? What’s going on between Otis and Ruby?

Asa Butterfield on Sex Education Season 4


Star Asa Butterfield, popularly known as Otis has given his opinion on Sex Education Season 4. The British star said that he would love to reprise his role for a fourth season if it gets renewed.

Sex Education Season 4: Will there be Another Season of Netflix's British Teen Drama?
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However, he also mentioned the fact that the show has already spawned three seasons, and he wouldn’t have any problem saying goodbye to it. Besides that, he also liked the idea of a spin-off series. We are hoping for some positive news. Let’s see what happens next.

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