Sex Education Season 3: Release Date, Netflix Teaser, Plot, All That We Know


Sex Education is one of the best shows on the whole of Netflix and has a highly huge fan following. After the huge success of Season 2, fans are asking for Season 3.

Season 3 of Sex Education was not fortunate enough to avoid the damage caused by Covid-19 to the whole entertainment world, but shooting has now started in September, so we’d be looking at a release in 2021. Since then, there has not been a huge amount of coverage, but at least we have a few new on-set pictures to hold us.


So, we’re going to take you through all you need to know about the show below, such as the cast, predicted release date, and all we know so far.

Sex Education Season 3 release possible in April 2021, updates on cast,  plot & other details | Entertainment

Sex Education season 3: Predicted Release Date 

We predict the release date for Sex Education season 3 to be summer 2021, that now shooting is expected to restart. The show started to be shot, but because of the coronavirus, that had to be delayed, like so many others. But with the clock going out for shooting in 2020, as the show has to be filmed in the long hours of the British summer, Netflix made a significant decision.


Shooting scenes continued in September 2020, with a planned February 2021 completion window, to avoid a potentially large wait. Both non-UK members of the cast would have to be in the region to undergo a 14-day quarantine from August 23.

Surprisingly, for more of the series, Netflix seems to realize just how hungry Sex Education audiences are. With a teaser trailer, Netflix marked the season 3 renewal launch. The season 3 teaser is cutely voiced by Alistair Petrie’s Principal Groff, just like season 2’s previous reveal trailer, which included Gillian Anderson giving a sultry monologue about the advantages of sex ed.

We also see taciturn principal wandering the Moordale High halls, viewing images of the main cast of Sex Education as he mentions what each of them might probably hold for the future. In the third season of Sex Education, the trailer finishes up with an invite to find out much more but fails to provide a specific release date.


Although a full cast list has yet to be reported for season three, Netflix revealed some amazing new faces in September for the Sex Education Season 3 cast. Below are the main and supporting characters that are going to be there:

  • Asa Butterfield (Otis Milburn)
  • Gillian Anderson (Dr. Jean Milburn)
  • Emma Mackey (Maeve Wiley)
  • Ncuti Gatwa (Eric Effiong)
  • Connor Swindells (Adam Groff)
  • Patricia Allison (Ola Nyman).
  • Jemima Kirke (Girls, Tiny Furniture)
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