Sex Education Season 3 Ending Recap and Ending Explained, Is Moordale High Really Shutting Down?


Sex Education Season 3 landed on Netflix on September 17, 2021. Moordale High is back with a whole new set of disciplines along with a new principal to maintain them. However, the British teen drama has always managed to please the fans with its interesting plot every single season. After spawning three seasons, the drama is back again with the third season, which according to rumors, is intense than ever. So, what’s up with the students of Moordale High? What happened in the third season? Here’s everything you need to know about the third season of the popular teen drama. Spoiler alert!

Sex Education Season 3 Recap

We have a lot to catch up on in Sex Education Season 3. The drama opens up with the high school teenagers enjoying their quality time in the summer just before a new school year. However, Otis and Maeve are still ignoring each other. Otis doesn’t even want to talk about Maeve. Meanwhile, Maeve is spending a lot of time with her new neighbor, Isaac.


Sex Education Season 3 Ending Recap and Ending Explained, Is Moordale High Really Shutting Down?
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Otis and Ruby are having casual sex in a secretive relationship. Besides that, Adam and Eric are trying their level best in taking the relationship forward. Although both of them say that they are ready, but didn’t seem that way actually. Jean reveals about her pregnancy to Jacob and he moves in with Otis and her along with his daughter, Ola. Moreover, Maeve has decided to go for an educational program in the United States. Henceforth, she is leaving Moordale.

Is Moordale High Shutting Down?

One of the heartbreaking and saddening episodes of the entire season was the selling of Moordale High. The new headmistress, Mrs. Hope tries to implement discipline in the school but fails eventually. Henceforth, a grand meeting takes place between the parents and the investors of Moordale High. Towards the end of Sex Education Season 3, we come to know that the investors have decided to stop their funding. So, Moordale High is left with no source of finance and the school shuts down.

Did Maeve and Otis Get Along in Sex Education Season 3?


When Sex Education Season 3 begins, we see that Maeve and Otis are not on speaking terms with each other. Besides that, they are ignoring each other. However, towards the end of the season, we see that the relationship between the two is coming back on track.

Sex Education Season 3 Ending Recap and Ending Explained, Is Moordale High Really Shutting Down?
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Jean goes into labor and gets indulged with some pregnancy complications. Meanwhile, Otis is embedded with the fear of losing his mother. We see Maeve sympathizing with him and they end up talking to each other. In the end, Maeve bids Otis a goodbye before leaving Moordale.

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