Science Ministry Panel Projects Containment Of The COVID-19 Cases By February 2021


Science Ministry Panel stated the importance of the lockdown imposed on Sunday. It said that had the lockdown not been imposed, the current situation would have been much worse. The total cases in India mounted up to 74 lakhs confirmed cases. This is rapidly rising. However, recently, the few weeks have noted a decline in the cases as well. Science Ministry Panel said that this is the reason of the preventive measures that have much emphasis throughout the country. It also went on to say that if the downward trend kept on showing, by February, we will see “minimal cases” in India.


Science Ministry panel said that COVID-19 can be contained by Feb 2021
Findings of the study–Source: Times of India

Science Ministry panel broke down the analytics of the coronavirus cases

The Department of Science and Technology set up a seven-person panel to analyze the trend of COVID-19 cases in India. The committee where stated that the cases can reduce by February also stated that if the masks, disinfecting, and tracing, are not undertaken, it will counteract the downward trend. The panel consisted of scientists from eminent institutions like IITs, IISc Bangalore, and CMC Vellore. India has reached its peak four days earlier than the projected date. The projected date was September 21.


The Science Ministry panel further stated that the upcoming festive season may even break the records. The labor migration to Uttar Pradesh and Bihar has not impacted the cases count to any drastic level. Thy further opined that the lockdown “flattened the curve”. Vidyasagar said, “The imposition of an early lockdown pushed the peak of cases far into the future and also reduced the peak load on the system.” The panel further stated that no future lockdown is needed currently on the state or national level.

Science Ministry panel said that COVID-19 can be contained by Feb 2021

The full analysis will come out in the Indian Journal of Medical Research

You can read the study undertaken by the Science Ministry panel called “COVID-19 India National Supermodel” in IJMR. The reviewing process is underway. The panel further analyzed that the way people react to the virus is also relative. Lt. General Kanitkar said, “Some people infected by the virus develop the disease and some only develop antibodies. The attack rate of the virus seems to have slowed down.”

The Science Ministry panel also gave certain precautions. These include wearing the masks and proper sanitization, obviously. They further asked not to increase congestion in closed spacesand children and people above 65 years of age to have proper care. They also asked people with co-morbidities to remain extra alert. The panel is expecting a drastic reduction by December. Regarding the vaccine, Lt. Gen. Kanitkar added that it may become available by march, but only to the healthcare workers, the older people, and those confined at homes.


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