Schitt’s Creek Season 7: Release and Plot


Schitt’s Creek is a television sitcom created by Dan Levy and his father Eugene Levy that aired on CBC Television. Schitt’s Creek Season 1 Aired on January 13, 2015.

The wealthy Rose family lose their fortune after being defrauded by their business manager. They are forced to rebuild their lives with their sole remaining asset and that is a small town named Schitt’s Creek, which Johnny bought for David as a joke birthday gift in 1991.

The Roses relocate to Schitt’s Creek, moving into two adjacent rooms in a run-down motel. As the family adjusts to their new lives, their well-to-do attitudes come into conflict with the more provincial residents of Schitt’s Creek.

Schitt’s Creek Season 6’s Recap:


David and Patrick’s wedding is interrupted by a rainstorm. This makes David really upset and he panics.

But, after getting a massage (which inadvertently ended with David receiving a “happy ending”), he is informed that the wedding will now be held at the town hall.

After years of living in conjoining motel rooms, the family heads out in different directions. Alexis moves out to Big Apple, Johnny and Moira head out to California. At the same time, David stays behind to settle with Patrick.

The Cast of Schitt’s Creek Season 7:

There will be no changes in the cast of Season 7

  • Annie Murphy as Alexis Rose
  • Catherine O’Hara as Moira.
  • Chris Elliot as Roland Schitt.
  • Daniel Levy as David Rose
  • Emily Hampshire as Stevie Budd.
  • Dustin Milligan as Ted Mullens
  • Eugene Levy as Johny Rose
  • Jennifer Robertson as Jocelyn Schitt.
  • Karen Robinson as Veronica Lee
  • Sarah Levy as Twyla Sands
  • Tim Rozon as Mutt Schitt
  • John Hemphill as Robert Currie

Season 7’s Possible Plot

Based on how Schitt’s Creek season 6 ended, there are plenty of storylines to pick back up if Schitt’s Creek were to be revived in the future.


Alexis is only a short plane ride away from David and her new brother-in-law. She could also be reunited with her parents in New York City if they move there after Moira’s Sunrise Bay revival is done filming. Maybe David and Patrick will rethink their plans to start a family and a new will force a reunion in the podunk town.

When will Season 7 Release:

The sixth season of Schitt’s Creek finished airing on CBC in Canada on April 7 and the sixth season only premiered on Netflix on Thursday, May 14.

Sadly, there is some bittersweet news for fans of Schitt’s Creek. Season six will be the show’s final series.

Creator Dan Levy confirmed the news last summer on his Instagram account alongside a photograph of the Rosebud Motel. He said: “That’s a wrap, friends. Don’t think my heart has ever felt more gratitude than it did last night.

“Thank you to everyone who made this little show happen. To my family, thank you for being patient with me while I fussed over every detail, big and small, for six life-changing years.

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