Scalpers Exploitation On eBay! Sony PS5 Buyers Are Badly Affected By The Scam.


Despite the performance, Sony PlayStation 5 consoles are attracting the gamers more. Gamers have jumped into the mission of grabbing a console before the Christmas holiday. Usually, gamers kinda have a temperament that no one, can handle while playing games. Well, let’s think about the Gamer’s situation when one of his/her gaming devices stops working out of the blue while they are playing their favorite game. Grrrrr!

Scalpers exploitation on eBay
PS5 consoles at ridiculous rates.


But this console or joystick had made it clear that nothing can interrupt their game. Before starting off, always make sure your scalper’s hands are clean. If not, understand why I am telling you by reading the below content.

Meanwhile, there were many scalpers on eBay, who took this opportunity to make a good number of gain. Scalpers on eBay started selling Sony PlayStation 5’s consoles at an unbelievable amount.

Analyzement on sales of Xbox and Sony PlayStation 5:

Looking at Scalpers’ sudden victory, a data engineer named Michael Driscoll decided to look into it. And the evaluation of these scalpers activity on the newer Xbox and PlayStation 5 consoles is observed. The report says that these scalpers have sold newer Xbox and Sony PS5 around 7322 units. And also into selling 25,642 units of the disc variants on eBay until the December 1st, 2020.


Scalpers on eBay
Scalpers exploitation on eBay

Whereas, coming to the actual record, 29,255 units of Microsoft’s recent consoles are trading on eBay for around 23.5 million dollars. Meanwhile, gamers were crazy about Sony PlayStation 5. In this case, it was shown that PS5’s digital as well as disc editions are badly affected. Mainly, eBay is commonplace for this specific scam.

Also, a graph has plotted, in which the disc version was sold at 200% the actual MSRP. Digital Edition was trading over 350% of its original price. Remarking the point where the prices have crossed the 100 dollar limit. Thereby the Digital Edition was trading at 1025 dollars and the Sony PlayStation 5 at 1101 dollars.

Scalper’s dishonest exploitation on eBay:

Coming to the overall calculation, the total sales was estimating over 34.75 million dollars. Although, in the case of scalper’s earnings, they are making around 19 million dollars. Which is actually one hell of a lot of profit. Moreover, it is only one platform’s assessment. In contrast, it might be happening on any eCommerce platform. And only one has been exposed so far.


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