Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Gets His First COVID19 Vaccine Shot.


Recently, the United Arab Emirates’s highest Islamic authority; also known as the UAE Fatwa Council has finally cleared the enigmatic subject of getting vaccine shots to their citizens. So evidently after the UAE permitting covid vaccines with pork gluten to Muslims; which is strictly proscribed according to the Islamic laws. And this time, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman gets his first COVID19 vaccine shot. The crown prince is the second most important position in Saudi Arabia.

One of the state news agencies shared a video of the crown prince MBS getting his coronavirus vaccine shot on Twitter.

The crown prince got the shot on Friday, says one of the credible sources. Subsequently, Saudi Arabia’s Health Minister Dr. Tawfiq al-Rabiah appreciated the crown prince’s diligence. He ascribes him for his “keenness and continuous follow-up” and to furnish vaccines to citizens.


Saudi Arabia Crown Prince
Saudi Arabia Crown Prince MBS

Furthermore, he stated, “Within the framework of vision 2030 there is a policy of prevention is better than cure, which was represented by intensifying preventive measures, emphasizing that human health is first, and providing safe and internationally approved vaccines in record time and providing it to citizens and residents”.

This is the first news making the scare head after the Pzifer and BioNTech coronavirus vaccines are supplied to South Arabia in December.

Who is the crown prince of Saudi Arabia?

As already mentioned, the crown prince is the second most important person after King. Mohammed bin Salman aka MBS is the current crown prince. The crown prince position was given to him on 23rd January 2015 followed by the predecessor’s death. He is well known for his project “Vision 2030”, aiming to diversify Saudi society through investment in non-oil fields; such as tourism and technology. He is portrayed as an autocratic boss with no tolerance for adversaries against him or the Saudi royal family.

What is the current coronavirus count in South Arabia?


According to the country’s health minister, there are over four lakhs of coronavirus cases, and out of it three lakhs are recovered cases. But, with a death count of six thousand around the country.

Meanwhile, currently, the coronavirus count in the global range is 80.4 million with 45.5 recovered cases. And over 1.76 million deceased cases.

Saudi Arabia Crown Prince
Saudi Arabia Crown Prince getting vaccine got

Moreover, he is not the only leader in the world to get shot, but also Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US President-elect Joe Biden, and many more.






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