Saudi Arabia Government Smashes COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Fraudsters Two Days Before Haj


Saudi Arabia is all set to conduct a controlled Hajj; amid a global pandemic for the second time. The restrictions are very tight; only a few people have the opportunity to go for Hajj this year as well. However, amidst these situations; a few fraudsters are caught supplying fake Covid vaccines, test certificates; and vaccination certificates.

Saudi Arabia Government Smashes COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Fraudsters Two Days Before Haj
Source: Daily Sabah

Fraudsters Arrested in Saudi Arabia for Procuring Fake Certificates


The Saudi Arabia government has taken more than 120 people in custody; for supplying and securing fake Covid vaccines; test certificates, and vaccination certificates. Saudi Arabia is conducting a restricted Hajj; for the devotees this year as well. Only a few people have permission; to attend Hajj this year. This includes those citizens who are fully vaccinated; have vaccination certificates. Henceforth, this is the reason why some people are committing such frauds; and making fake certificates.

Several Ministers from the Health Ministry are Involved in the Fraud

Besides citizens and residents, Saudi Arabia health ministry officials; are also involved in the fraud. All of them have pleaded guilty. The fraudsters used social media; to advertise their fake services. Moreover, they allegedly influenced people to get fake vaccines and certificates; so that they can go for Haj this year. On the other hand; they exchanged infection and vaccination status. Whether the person has administered the first dose; or the second dose, or both. However, 21 people are caught as intermediaries in the fraudulent activity. Out of these 21, 9 are the country’s citizens; and 12 are residents.

Officials also Accused of Exchanging Official Coronavirus Data

Recently, the Saudi Arabia government arrested two or more health officials; who were accused of exchanging Coronavirus data illicitly. The government also began a criminal investigation; in order to arrest more people. However, we don’t have much information; about the exact number of suspects. But, it is believed that several people from the administration are involved in this data exchange fraud.

Saudi Arabia to Organize a Restricted Hajj this Year as Well


Only 60,000 fully vaccinated people; are allowed to go for Hajj this year in Saudi Arabia. The restrictions are very tight; all devotees must carry Covid vaccination certificates along with them.

Saudi Arabia Government Smashes COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Fraudsters Two Days Before Haj
Source: Reuters

However, this is the second time; the country is conducting a restricted Hajj amid the global pandemic. They organized it last year as well; with proper COVID-19 norms and protocols. So far, the country has administered 21 million Coronavirus vaccine doses. Moreover, the country reported 1,226 and 14 deaths on Monday; taking the total tally to 504,960 cases and 8,020 casualties.

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