Samsung’s JetBot 90AI Specs And Key Features.


This quarantine is making us do household works which seems stressful sometimes. Samsung has introduced JetBot 90 A+ a smart Robot giving us a stressbuster. South Korea comes up with its new idea on Jet Bot 90 AI+ playing as a Handy worker in the household works.

When is JetBot 90AI releasing?


Samsung debuting its AI products which were accorded in the 2020 CES Innovation Awards. The products are expecting to arrive in the market firstly in the United States in the first half of 2021.

JetBot 90AI
Samsung JetBot 90AI


JetBot 90AI+ is a vacuum cleaner consists of LiDAR and 3D sensors? The vacuum was also refined with humans and object recognition. The vacuums come with a camera that is directly connected with the SmartThings app. The most beneficial thing in buying this JetBot 90AI+ is- you can operate the device while sitting in one place. HotBot 90 AI+ releasing onerous of many housekeepers from cleaning. The vacuum enables you to rest at home peacefully just by peeking into the phone to guide the vacuum.

What are the features we could expect in JetBot 90AI+?

Just by sitting in one place, you can operate the vacuum at any distance up to 6 meters. With the help of the SmartThings mobile app, you can access the vacuum anywhere.
The vacuum is featured with a blue LED notification light that alerts that the bag which is storing the dust is full.
JetBot 90AI+ is easily washable which is making convenient. Possible for the housekeepers or working women who clean their house.
Once the vacuum is cleaned and done with its job, then the device returns to its Clean Station.

What are the special specification of JetBot 90 AI+?

The vacuum recognizes objects with a 3D Sensor, this will be helpful for the house where everyone’s houses are occupied mainly by furniture. With its camera, you can watch what’s happening in your home.
So you can have full faith in the Vaccum which recognizes objects such as Chairs, Tables, Plants, Electric cables, etc. The device can sense up to 6 meters and clean every nook and corner.

JetBot 90AI
Source: google image

What is the determined price of JetBot 90AI+?

Till now, Samsung hasn’t come up with the price on its new product JetBot 90+ but expected to be high in the market. Because AI is ruling the market especially for its features and specifications which act just like a human. But purchasing JetBot 90AI+ will make your home clean and tidy for sure.




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