Samsung Launches A GameDriver App To Enhance Game Performance On Selected Galaxy Devices


Recently, despite the pandemic, Samsung has taken the global smartphone industry by storm. In Q3 2020, three out of the five global markets around the world were led by them. There is a very fresh and amazing story coming for you by Samsung. We’ve heard updateable GPU drivers very frequently in PCs so far. But a lot of games are being played in today’s era on the smartphone itself. The South Korean smartphone maker, Samsung, has officially released a standalone GameDriver app which is expected to offer a completely different gaming experience to Samsung users.

This tech solution will improve the gaming experience on selected Galaxy devices with an Android app. At the moment, only users of Samsung’s Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note20 can download this ‘GameDriver’ program. The South Korean firm has said that very soon this gaming app will be available for download in more numbers of handsets.


Samsung introduces 'GameDriver' app to boost gaming performance — IND News
IND News

Samsung also noted that after partnerships with the US technology giant Apple and other GPU vendors such as Qualcomm and ARM, this GPU optimization was carried out. They continue to collaborate with more than 50 partners, including game studios, publishers, developers of tools, game engine firms, and vendors of GPUs. A part of the Galaxy GameDev software is the GameDriver app. Since 2016, this GameDev software has been around.


We’ve already seen Samsung’s robust consumer demand. In any major smartphone market, Chinese smartphones have caused disruptions, but the success of Samsung still continues. Samsung would be able to attract more customers to their goods with this Android application. In particular, the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note20 and all other models that will be fitted with this app in the future will be more loved by the people who want to find smartphones that support playing games.

Who Will Be Benefitted By The Step Of Samsung?

New drivers by Samsung can benefit from the titles they play, such as Call of Duty: Mobile and Fortnite, which are assisted right from the start by the GameDriver app. Given that Samsung has attempted to be at the forefront of mobile gaming with titles such as Fortnite being exclusively available on mobile from the Galaxy Store, this is a major step from the Korean company to save sideloading through Epic Games Launcher.

Other OEMs have provided similar systems to the GameDriver app from Samsung, with GPU driver updates across Android in recent months looking to be a prominent development. For mobile gamers, providing the highest graphics experience would definitely be a big deal, with high refresh rate displays being prevalent now.

Parth Dubey
Parth Dubey
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