Realme Certification Hints Towards Launch of Buds Air 2 and Q 2


Realme is aiming to put out the second-generation of the Buds Air and Buds Q truly wireless earbuds. Realme’s latest certification filings show that it is ready to launch two more TWS earbuds. These will be the Realme Buds Air 2 and Realme Buds Q 2. Although these latest certifications don’t proclaim anything, it is clear that the company is getting serious about their audio products. The company has already had a successful run in sales of TWS earbuds.

According to sources, they have spotted the Realme Buds Air 2 via a certification filing on the US FCC website. These earbuds have the model number RMX2003 and have the same cavity as the Realme Buds Air earbuds. The FCC certification also had details about its battery. According to the certification, Buds Air 2 will consist of a 400mAh battery. This battery will be inside the charging case. Apart from that, they have provided no other information. For now, we don’t know the details about the design or features of the Buds Air 2. We do know that it exists and is going to enter the market soon.

Realme is also set to launch the Buds Q 2. Sources say that Indonesia Telecom may have certified these earbuds. These TWS earbuds bear the model number RMX2008. Although the Buds Q 2 would be an upgrade over the Buds Q, its design and feature specifications are still pretty unknown. Not many details were given in the filings either.

Realme hints towards a January 2021 launch for its new earbuds


Sources say that both the certification filings are hinting towards a January 2021 launch. The launch may also happen along with one of their latest smartphones. The Realme Buds Q 2 may also become another set of affordable earbuds, like its predecessor. This could mean a simultaneous launch along with their mid-range, budget, or entry-level smartphone.

Realme has also been working optimistically on some AIoT devices. The company may also launch the earbuds with the debut of these AIoT devices.

Moreover, the Realme Buds Air 2 are its premium category earbuds. It makes complete sense for the company to release the earbuds alongside their next flagship device.

This will be the successor to the X50 Pro 5G. It will also have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor built in it. Currently, Realme is calling the phone Race internally. Although, there is no confirmation on a commercial name. Although, rumors suggest that the phone might go by two names.


As per sources, Realme Race may end up being called either of these two names: Realme Ace or X60 Pro 5G.

The first term Ace is said to be borrowed from Oppo. Oppo has started launching Ace smartphones in China. Originally starting under Oppo’s Reno seres, the company later decided to break the series and make it a standalone series under their belt. Oppo has since launched the Ace and Ace 2.

According to the source, rumors say that Realme is going to take the Ace name for their flagship device. It is said that Realme is going to launch this new flagship in Q1 2021 and it would most likely be sometime in February.

Source: India Today

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