Rahul Gandhi Has Foreign Mentality : BJP MLA Who Linked Rape To Sanskar


 A BJP MLA in Uttar Pradesh, who said assaults would stop soon if guardians preach ‘sanskar’ or qualities to their girls. This comment has hit back at top Congress pioneer Rahul Gandhi after the last bashed him for his questionable comments on Sunday.

Rahul Gandhi Has Foreign Mentality, Says BJP MLA Surendra Singh Who Linked Rape To Sanskar


The Congress MP had named the remarks of MLA Surendra Singh a “soiled RSS male extremist mindset at work”. The BJP pioneer offered the expression during enormous shock. The assault of a girl from Hathras, who kicked the bucket in Delhi last Tuesday.

Hathras Case details


“Rahul is an individual of double character and unfamiliar attitude. He is not aware of Indian culture,” Surendra Singh, the BJP MLA from UP’s Ballia, was saying this by news office PTI on Monday.

Comments on opposition leaders

“He will comprehend the meaning of patriotism if he takes educational cost from patriots. He was unable to comprehend the core of the nation’s way of life. The double characters of Rahul and Priyanka (Gandhi Vadra) got evident during their excursion to meet the casualty’s family in Hathras. While they were snickering during their excursion, they shed tears at their homes,” Mr Singh said.

Rahul Gandhi met the victim family.


The Congress chiefs had met the family of the Hathras casualty on Saturday night. After a previous endeavour by them was left by Uttar Pradesh specialists, who kept them and different Congress labourers in Greater Noida outside Delhi. They have proclaimed that they will battle for equity to the Dalit lady. A girl who kicked the bucket a fortnight after being sexually assaulted on September 14.

The dreadful assault

Four men of the same village had assaulted the lady. Her family found her in the fields, stripped, seeping, with many cracks and a cut in her tongue. The police guaranteed her tongue get cut since she nibbled it while her aggressors were attempting to choke her.

Surendra Singh and his controversial statement

Surendra Singh is famous for offering disputable remarks before. A year ago, he had said that Nathuram Godse, who killed Mahatma Gandhi “was not a psychological militant” and he “submitted an error”. Not long ago, he remarked on West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, saying she is a “brutal hearted lady”.


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