Ragnarok Season 3: Has Netflix Given Greenlight to a New Season?


When will Ragnarok Season 3 happen? This is the question that is biting up the fans since season 2 premiered in May this year. Ragnarok, the famous Norse fantasy drama is gaining attention lately. However, the audience is eager to get more details regarding the drama’s third season. Based on modern-day Norse mythology, the series follows Magne as an incarnation of Thor. So, here is everything that we know about the third installment.

Ragnarok Season 3 Renewal Status

So far, Netflix has not renewed Ragnarok Season 2. And we are not expecting it to do the same anytime soon. Usually, Netflix takes a month or two before renewing any series. We haven’t heard anything regarding the renewal yet. Henceforth, we are waiting for the streaming platform to greenlit the third installment. Everything depends upon the viewers’ and critics’ responses.


Ragnarok Season 3: Has Netflix Given a Greenlight to a New Season?
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Release Date

Since Ragnarok Season 3 isn’t renewed yet, it is quite difficult to predict a release date. Ragnarok season 1 debuted in January 2020 and the second season premiered in May 2021. Henceforth, we can expect the third season to have a 2022 released date. If everything goes well and the series is renewed, the show might arrive anytime next year. However, we will keep you updated. If season 3 happens, it might consist of six episodes; just like its first two seasons.

Expected Cast


We expect the following cast in Ragnarok Season 3:

  1. David Stakson as Magne Seier
  2. Jonas Strand Gravil as Laurits Seier
  3. Herman Tommeraas as Fjor
  4. Theresa Frostad Eggesbro Saxa
  5. Henriette Steenstrup as Turid Seirr
  6. Gisli Garoarsson Vidar
  7. Ylva Bjorkas Thedin as Isolde Eidsvoll
  8. Odd Magnus Williamson as Erik Eidsvoll
  9. Bjorn Sundquist as Wotan Wagner
  10. Eli Anne Linnestad as Wenche
  11. Tani Disbasey as Osar Bjornholt
  12. Elinshumba Skjaevesland as Yngvid Bjornholt
  13. Billie Barker as Signy
  14. Danu Sunth as Iman Reza
  15. Benjamin Helstad as Harry

Ragnarok Season 3: Has Netflix Given a Greenlight to a New Season?
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What to Expect from Ragnarok Season 3?

Ragnarok Season 3 will follow what the second season left behind. The story is set in a fictional Norwegian town, Edda, where the Jutul family reigns. Popularly known as the giants, they destroy anyone who comes in their way. In season w, Magne struggles with his new mantle as Thor’s incarnation. Moreover, a new war is impending between the gods and the giants. We also saw in season 2 that Laurits, also known as Loki, is comfortable in his new self. Besides that, Magne forges Mjolnir and regains his powers. Although we don’t have the exact plotline for the third season, we expect more mythological drama in the forthcoming season. We might know more about Loki’s gigantic serpent and Norse mythology

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