Qualcomm announces worlds fastest Commercial charging solution


Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. announced Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 5, the fastest commercial charging technology for Android devices, which delivers unprecedented mobile phone charging speed and efficiency improvements compared to previous versions while enabling new battery technology, accessories, and safety features.

The world’s first commercially viable fast charging platform to support more than 100W charging power in a smartphone.

Quick Charge 5 is engineered to allow users to charge devices from 0 to 50 percent battery power in just five minutes.

Quick Charge 5 relies on two new power management integrated circuits—SMB 1396 and SMB1398. Both support single- and dual-cell batteries and can handle voltage in excess of 20V for wired and wireless power sources.

In addition, it’s the first charging standard with Qualcomm Battery Saver and Smart-ID.


Battery Saver determines the best charging speed based on various conditions to minimize battery degradation, while Smart-ID tests the power adapter to make sure it’s safe and providing the appropriate amount of power.

According to sources, officially it is only the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra that supports the new fast charging technology. However, Qualcomm recently released an official document stating the name of devices that support the recently developed fast charging facility from Qualcomm.

The official list indicates that only less than five devices support 100+W fast charging.

Qualcomm will reveal the Snapdragon 875 soon, the official event is set for December 1. Besides faster performance, the new chip will also bring support for 100W fast charging thanks to the latest Quick Charge 5.

Sources suggest that there will be 5 new flagship smartphones in the first three months of 2021 that will offer the potent combination of the 875 chip and a 100W power brick.

Smartphones that might use Quick Charge 5:

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 phones might be among them, we’re already seeing them crop up in benchmarks.


The OnePlus 9 Pro also ran Geekbench, this one is expected to come out in mid-March. Xiaomi’s Mi 11 Pro took the speed test as well.

Though, it’s not clear which, if any of these will leverage the 100W charging support of the chipset.

The latest leaks suggest that Samsung will stick with 45W for the S21 Ultra, OnePlus and Xiaomi will probably want to promote their own charging solutions as well.

According to Qualcomm, its new fast-charging is 70% more efficient than Quick Charge 4+ and is also 10°C cooler than Quick Charge 4 and Quick Charge 4+.

Hence, we can soon expect many OEMs to adapt to Qualcomm charge 5, but we also expect many manufacturers to come up with their fast charging adapters.

For now, that’s what we know about the devices that support the new fast-charging from Qualcomm, but since CES 2021 is on the horizon, we can expect that more devices will be added to the list of supported devices.


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