Priyanka Gandhi Vadra Explains Bengal’s Alliance With Muslim Cleric


Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra today reacted to the allegations of the party’s core ideological compromises with links with organizations like the IUDF and the ISF, even from within dissidents. She is rallying for forthcoming polls in Assam. However, she prevented any observation on the dissidents – labeled the G-23 of Congress – who questioned the party in media.

Priyanka Gandhi has been asked that the party is convicted of associating itself to outfits such as the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) of Assam, Badruddin Ajmal, and the Bengal’s Indian Secular Front (ISF).

“If you are referring to certain comments made yesterday, our West Bengal PCC chief has already responded to those comments. But what is being fought for in Assam is Assam itself. It is the identity of Assamese people, the Assamese state. There are differences between ideologies. We may not agree 100% with what our alliance partners believe. But we are together in this fight. Because everybody understands today it is a fight to save Assam”. Congress general secretary said.

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Priyanka Gandhi stated that Congress has a strong and united campaign in Assam. “Every worker now understands this is not a Congress vs BJP election. It is an Assam identity vs RSS-BJP ideology election,” said the leader. 

This would be the only answer to “G-23” leader Anand Sharma’s barbs. The veteran of Congress directly challenged Bengali Party leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury yesterday, accusing him of being a municipal figure. Mr. Chowdhury answered that he was sanctioned by the leadership and then posted a thorough Twitter-thread pushback.

She visited the tea garden for a better part, interacted with workmen, and even tried her hands in the tea leaves.

Elections 2021: How Priyanka Gandhi Vadra Explained Alliance With Muslim  Cleric In Bengal


On the organizational challenges for Congress, the Priyanka said: “every general secretary in every state” was working hard. “It may or may not have the results you expect but the work is on continuing to gather our troops, create a good campaign, build a good organization…”

She further continued: “My message for voters all over the country is – please recognize what you are voting for. Are they delivering on promises? Are they working for you?”

The Congress leader Priyanka said that BJP had already broken its promises to Assam in the last five years.

“They said they would not implement CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) and they did. That has had a deep impact on Assam. It is a deeply ideological fight, it is a fight for the state of Assam.”

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