Prince William and Harry Rage Out at BBC over Deceitful Princess Diana Interview


Prince William and Harry were enraged at BBC and Journalist Martin Bashir for an explosive interview with Princess Diana. The interview was about Princess Diana, speaking up for her troubled marriage. According to the sources, journalist Bashir had used falsified documents in the interview.

Prince William and Harry Hit Out at BBC

Prince William and Harry have dashed out at BBC for the deceitful interview. It was shot back in 1995. The video was sensational as Princess Diana spoke about her troubled marriage with Prince Charles. Reportedly, BBC journalist Martin Bashir had used false documents in the interview. Moreover, BBC leaders have no idea how he arranged them. Prince William said that the interview played a major role in his parents’ divorce. He was very upset after knowing the truth. Not only he was upset, but also surprised at BBC officials.


Prince William and Harry Rage Out at BBC over Deceitful Princess Diana Interview

What Did Prince William and Harry Say?

Princess Diana and Prince Charles were officially divorced in 1996. Diana died in a car accident while the paparazzi photographers were chasing her. Prince William in a statement said that the interview should never air again on any platform. The Panorama Program holds no legitimacy. It effectively established a false narrative for years. He also said that it is now time to address the narrative. Besides that, Harry said that the report was the first step towards justice and truth. The deceptive practice has also played a very major role in Princess Diana’s death. It is nothing, but exploitation culture and unethical practices that took her life.

The Fraud Behind the Interview 


Diana’s interview on the Panorama Program gained 22.8 million views. It also won many television awards. No one knows how Bashir convinced Diana for the interview. Retired Senior Judge John Dyson’s report said that Bashir commissioned faked bank statements. He also suggested that some very close people of Diana were getting paid for keeping tabs on her. Bashir then showed the documents to Spencer, Diana’s brother. He had a successful bid and a meeting between the two was arranged. Prince William calls that show completely unethical ad useless.

Prince William and Harry Rage Out at BBC over Deceitful Princess Diana Interview
Source: Harper’s Bazaar

BBC Issues Apology 

After Prince William and Harry raged at BBC, they have issued an apology. Firstly, the BBC director-general is extremely sorry for whatever happened. Secondly, the broadcaster said that he will return all the awards that the interview won. Thirdly, Bashir has also apologized. He said that faking the bank statements was a completely foolish act and now he regrets it.

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