Pranay Ranjan, a young artist and music sensation in the Entertainment Industry


Pranay Ranjan is a musician, singer, songwriter, degree performer, song composer and director. He Was Born On 04 June 2001 in Lucknow, India.

He has lent his music to the songs of many Tracks. He began his adventure with cover songs and beat-making.


It is said that ‘where words fail, music speaks ‘. Music is known to have the power to connect people across boundaries, languages, generations, and views. Good music is bound to find a place in everyone’s heart whether the person understands the language it is created in or not.

From Lata Mangeshkar to Celina Gomez and Shakira to boy band BTS found their place in millions of hearts cutting across every limit and boundary anyone could have thought about. Pranay Ranjan, a young musician from India, is inspired by all the great musicians of different generations. The Music Composer and Lyricist Singer have made their entry into the musical world with a bang.


Pranay Ranjan first single ‘Kaise kahu ye’. He has penned all the songs down. His lyrics and music are catching the attention of everyone. His first song, ‘Kaise Kahu Ye’, released on 19th July 2021, has rave reviews. Pranay has become a known face among the young generation of India with his first album itself. People have already started asking for his next album. He is a verified artist on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and other music apps.

Born in Lucknow, India, Pranay Ranjan was passionate about music since childhood. He says music has amazing power. It has always motivated me to be who I want to be. Music has infused amazing confidence in me to dream and achieve.

He started creating music with minimal support. He says I uploaded my first song on YouTube with just a mobile and a microphone, nothing else. I was confident about my talent. Slowly in a few months, views and likes poured in. I believe that in today’s world if you are dedicated, your talent would not go unrecognized. The digital world and social media have come as a huge help to our generation.”


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