Prachanda-Nepal Faction Removes PM Oli, He Is Not A Member Of Nepal Communist Party Anymore


The splinter group headed by Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ on Sunday expelled Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli from the primary membership of the Nepal Communist Party. This was for purported anti-party activities, further increasing the internal strife inside the governing party.

The decision was made at the faction’s Standing Committee meeting headed by former Prime Ministers Prachanda and Madhav Kumar Nepal in Parisdanda, Koteshwor after Oli failed to justify his recent movements as demanded by the leadership of the group, said Ganesh Shah, a senior leader of the party’s standing committee.

More About Expellation Of Oli:

The splinter group had ousted 68-year-old Oli, one of the two presidents of the ruling party, as co-president earlier in December. Madhav Nepal was elected as the second chairman of the party. Prachanda was the party’s first chairman.


On January 15, the Prachanda-led faction sought clarification from Oli, arguing that he was carrying out actions that were against the ideologies of the party. After deciding not to provide any explanation, the faction agreed to bar Oli from the normal party membership, party members said.

Nepal: NCP's Prachanda-led faction expels PM Oli from ruling party
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Oli had been suspected by the splinter faction of breaking party statutes.

In the case of public actions against the values, programs, policies, and legal structure of the party, factionalism, and collusion within the party, violation of party decisions, lack of integrity and confidence in the party, loss of confidentiality, according to party sources. Disciplinary action is given in the Constitution of the party.


The new political development emerged two days after a major anti-government march led by the NCP’s splinter group. They said that the “unconstitutional” dissolution of Parliament by Prime Minister Oli posed significant threats to the hard-earned federal democratic republic structure of the nation.

Prachanda said earlier that he gave a hit to the Constitution as well as the democratic republic system that was formed in the nation through seventy years of struggle by the people by dissolving it.

Madhav Nepal, who displaced Oli as president of the party the previous month, said that the Law did not grant the prime minister the power to dissolve Parliament.

On December 20, Nepal collapsed into a political crisis after Oli, known for his pro-China liberal views, dissolved Parliament in a surprising twist in the middle of a war of words with Prachanda for power.

A significant portion of the NCP, led by Prachanda, also a co-chair of the ruling party, provoked outrage with his attempt to dissolve the 275-member Assembly.

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