Police Officer Killed At US Capitol Identified As 18-Year Police Veteran


A car rammed through security and smashed into a fence at the Washington complex on Friday, killing one police officer and injuring another, sending it into lockdown less than three months after a mob attack on Congress.

Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman told reporters that the driver jumped out of the car and growled at them with a knife, prompting Capitol Police to shoot him.

However, Chief Robert Contee of the Washington Metropolitan Police Department confirmed that a terror connection was not believed at this time.

“It does not appear to be terrorism-related, but obviously we will continue to investigate,” said Contee.

According to news reports, President Joe Biden was told of the attack. He’ll be at his Camp David retreat for the Easter weekend.

More About Death Of Police Officer:


The slain officer was identified as William “Billy” Evans, an 18-year veteran of the service, by US Capitol Police.

US Capitol Attack: Police Officer Killed Identified As 18-Year-Old Veteran

“Please keep Officer Evans and his family in your thoughts and prayers,” Pittman said in a statement.

“I’m heartbroken for the officer killed today defending our Capitol and for his family. I’m praying for the officer injured and his family,” tweeted Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

After hundreds of supporters of then-President Donald Trump attacked Congress in January, psyches were still scarred and security was tight.

The messages said, “If you’re outside, take cover,” as news footage showed what appeared to be wounded officers being loaded onto gurneys and into ambulances.


Hundreds of Trump supporters smashed into the Capitol building on January 6, shouting threats against legislators and closing down the legislature.

After the death of the Capitol Police officer, security officials have confirmed that extreme-right groups and Trump supporters continue to pose a threat.

According to Justice Department court filings, more than 300 people have been charged in the January assault, including members of armed militant groups like the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers. Another 100 people are likely to be charged.

The number of armed National Guard troops stationed at the Capitol has decreased in recent weeks, and a security fence that built a wide perimeter around the Capitol complex has been dismantled.

There was no detail about the attacker’s identity or motive. According to Pittman, there was no police file on the perpetrator.

“I drive through this checkpoint and wave to the officers guarding it nearly every day that I’m in Washington. I’m heartbroken to learn of an officer’s death in today’s attack,” tweeted Representative Angie Craig.

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