PM Modi: ‘I was shocked’, Rahul Gandhi’s Remark in Puducherry


On Thursday, Prime Minister Modi attacked Congress, particularly its leader, Rahul Gandhi, over his comments and statements on the establishment of a ministry of fisheries at the Central government.

PM Modi also conveyed ‘shock’ over Gandhi’s assertion that there has been no ‘dedicated’ fisheries ministry at the Centre. He added that it had been set up by the NDA government in 2019 and since then its overall budget allocation has increased significantly.

“I was absolutely shocked to hear a Congress leader come and say they want to start a fisheries ministry because there is none. The truth is that it already exists. The current NDA government has already set up a fisheries ministry back in 2019 itself,” PM Modi said.


The PM referred to a series of remarks from Gandhi. Rahul had previously visited Puducherry and Kerala. On 17 February, he had said that the fishermen of the area, the “farmers of the sea”, wanted a separate ministry.

Remarks By Modi:

PM Modi also targeted the former Congress government in Puducherry, alleging over his recent ‘north-south’ remarks, the V Narayanasamy led dispensation had ‘different goals’ than social benefit and criticized party leader Rahul Gandhi.

At a community meeting in the poll-bound union territory, he said people have experienced it in the last five years, hitting out at the “Congress society.”

“Our colonial rulers had the policy of divide and rule. Congress has a policy of divide, lie, and rule. Sometimes their leaders put region against region… community against community,” he said in a direct reference to Rahul’s recent ‘north-south’ remarks. It is strongly opposed by BJP.


I was shocked': PM Modi on Rahul Gandhi's fisheries ministry remark in  Puducherry

Gandhi said he was used to a “different form of politics” in northern India during his Kerala visit on Tuesday. He further said he was coming to the southern state was “very refreshing” as people are involved in “issues.”

Modi promised that if voted in the coming elections, the NDA government would regard people as its high command. The people of Puducherry didn’t really deserve a government of’ high command’ that would represent a few leaders of Congress.

A number of development schemes are to be inaugurated by the Prime Minister in the Indian Union, especially in the run-up to the April-May assembly polls.

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