PM Modi: I Start My Day With The Toughest Decisions


Prime Minister Narendra Modi arranged his annual “Pariksha pe charcha” with students today to raise their morale ahead of the board exams. He advised students not to be afraid of tests, saying that they are simply “an opportunity for the future, not the end of dreams.”

“An exam is not the last milestone in your life… parents, teachers should not create pressure”. He added.

“What is there to fear? Is it the first time you are taking the exam? You know everything,” Modi told students. The fear is born because of the great expectations built around exams. He added.


“Exams being painted as a big hurdle,” he said. “There is a word for exams — Kasauti (to stretch)  — as if exams are the last step… There is an atmosphere around you, telling you that this exam is everything… even at school, by parents, relatives… they create such an atmosphere of fear”.

Pointing to the role of the family in creating this environment, Modi said, “Today, a lot of parents are so busy. They don’t get involved with their children. To gauge their children’s strengths, they have to check the report card”.

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The interaction with the Prime Minister, which was conducted online this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, drew more than 10 lakh students.

More Statements By Modi On Exams:


Ahead of last year’s event, the Prime Minister Modi had said, “Pariksha Pe Charcha is the event closest to my heart. Thousands of schools from the entire country participate in this and I feel how the youth of the country think and what they want to do”.

“I always take up tough things first, this was my habit since the time I was Chief Minister. I have made this a routine. When I get up in the morning, i start with the toughest task. Officials come to me with the most difficult talks. They know I like starting the day with my toughest decisions and tackle those challenges easily,” PM Modi said.

“After a tiring day, when the hardest work is out of the way, that is when I get to the easy decisions. I work on them till late night.”

“Lata Mangeshkar may not be good at geography but she in singing she is matchless.  You may find some subjects difficult but that is not a failing. Don’t run from it,” PM Modi said.

“In your life, what things did you feel were very tough but now think have become easy… make a list of such tasks– like riding a cycle or swimming seemed tough at first, but now it is easy. Write them down on a paper, and you will never ask the question of certain things being tough.”

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