PM Modi, Boris Johnson to hold virtual summit, UK to ship 1000 more ventilators to India


India is currently dealing with the second wave of the pandemic. And this time it is much more deadly than before. Several countries of the world have come forward to help India in the time of crisis. The virus is out of control in the Indian region. It is spreading at a faster pace, infecting and killing more people. Besides that, resources are not available in the country in sufficient quantity. Oxygen, essentials, medicines, etc. are currently not available in the Indian market. Many countries like the UK, US, Russia, Canada, etc. are providing help to India. PM Modi is having regular conversations with other leaders for aid and support.

Modi and Johnson to Hold a Virtual Summit 

The times in India are very critical at the moment. PM Modi and British PM Boris Johnson have scheduled a virtual summit on May 4, 2021. Both the leaders are going to launch ‘Comprehensive Roadmap 2030’ to expand and excavate the relationship between the two countries. It will be a ten-year vision plan. Supposedly, the Roadmap will focus on five different aspects. The first being trade and prosperity. Secondly, defense. Next is climate action. And then we have, the healthcare and people-to-people relations.


PM Modi, Boris Johnson to hold virtual summit, UK to ship 1000 more ventilators to India
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PM Johnson’s Trip to India 

UK PM, Boris Johnson has canceled two trips to India in 2021. He was supposed to visit India way back when 2021 started. But had to delay his visit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When things started better, he again made a plan to visit on April 25th. However, he couldn’t due to the sudden rise in cases. The next visit of Boris Johnson is not yet scheduled.

The Benefit of the Summit 


The External Affairs Ministry of India said that the summit is an important opportunity for both countries. It will elevate the multi-faceted strategic ties between the two countries. Moreover, it will also enhance cooperation on regional and global issues of common interest. Besides that, both the leaders will also discuss the situation of COVID-19 in their respective countries. The UK will provide support to India in critical situations. However, the only way to combat the virus is a global effort.

PM Modi, Boris Johnson to hold virtual summit, UK to ship 1000 more ventilators to India
Source: Today News

The UK Sends Help to India 

The British Foreign Office on Sunday revealed that the UK will send 1000 more ventilators to India. Currently, the UK is having surplus ventilator stock. Hence, they can send some more aid to India. Sources also predict that PM Modi and PM Johnson will make a lot of commitments in the virtual summit. Fighting the pandemic will however be the prime issue. Johnson had earlier stated that Indians and British have strong relations. British people have also shown their immense support to India in times of need.

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