Phone Numbers of Clubhouse Users Put Up for Sale on the Dark Web, Application Denies Data Breach


The social audio app Clubhouse faced a severe data breach on Saturday. However, the company totally denies any sort of data breach. They said that the phone numbers leaked on the dark web are mainly false.

Clubhouse Denies Data Breach Claims

Recently, Clubhouse opened its application to the general public without any invites. And days later, here we are, hearing data breach news. According to reports, the app suffered a major data breach on Saturday with 3.8 billion users’ phone numbers leaked online. The numbers were up on the dark web for sale. However, after a lot of investigation, security experts have come to the conclusion that the data breach is false and unlikely. Meanwhile, the social media platform has also claimed that they didn’t face any such data breach.


Phone Numbers of Clubhouse Users Put Up for Sale on the Dark Web, Application Denies Data Breach
Source: BBC

How was the Matter Exposed to the Public?

Cybersecurity researcher Marc Reuf posted a picture of several phone numbers from the dark web on Saturday. He claimed that these were the phone numbers of Clubhouse application users. Reuf said that these were stolen from the company’s secret database and were put up for sale on the dark web. There were phone numbers of the users synced with the other phone numbers on their contact list. Moreover, Reuf claims that the social media platform collects numbers from its users’ contact list and saves it to its secret server.

Experts Claim that the Data Breach is False


Security researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia tweeted that data breach claims are false. He highlighted the fact that there were only phone numbers put up on the dark web and there weren’t any pictures. Moreover, it is quite easy to get a list of phone numbers and upload it on the dark web. Besides him, another researcher Alon Gal tweeted the same thing. He too said that there are mere phone numbers put up on the dark web, and there is no evidence to prove that they are Clubhouse users. Overall, everything seems really fake.

Phone Numbers of Clubhouse Users Put Up for Sale on the Dark Web, Application Denies Data Breach

Clubhouse Issues a Statement

Social media platform Clubhouse denied the claims on Sunday. It issued a statement saying that the data breach is totally fake. Moreover, it’s just a coincidence that the numbers put up on the dark web happen to exist on their platform. User safety and privacy are the application’s first priority. Besides that, they claim that their users’ data is completely safe with them. Henceforth, users need not worry about the alleged data breach.

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