Pfizer Incorporation to Present for a Third Booster Jab, US Experts Show Disapproval


Pfizer Incorporation to present early data to the US Emergency authorization regarding a third booster jab. It claims that the third booster jab sharply increases the immune system and provides better protection against the virus.

Pfizer Incorporation to Present for a Third Booster Jab, US Experts Show Disapproval
Source: The Guardian

Third Booster Jab Provides Better Immunity: Pfizer Incorporation 


Pfizer Incorporation is planning to present early data to US experts regarding its booster jab. However, the US federal health officials are quite cautious regarding a third booster jab. They highlighted the fact that people are safe and immune enough from COVID-19 after receiving two doses. Fully vaccinated people have fewer chances of getting a severe illness from COVID-19. On the other hand, if infected, they won’t need hospitalization. They can recover at their homes themselves.

Booster Jab can Increase the Neutralizing Antibody Level

In early data, Pfizer Incorporation claims that their third booster jab is safe and provides extra protection against COVID-19. Moreover, the booster jab can increase the neutralizing antibody levels up to 10-fold in an individual’s body. A fully vaccinated individual can receive the booster jab 8-10 months later after the second dose. Besides the US, the pharmaceutical company is also in contact with European Union, suggesting the booster jab.

US Experts Not Sure About a Third Vaccine Jab


The CDC has made it very clear that they aren’t sure about a third booster jab. So far, Pfizer Incorporation has presented them with some data and they need to do some more research on it. They are also planning to talk to other pharmaceutical companies regarding this matter. Besides that, the CDC also stressed the fact that the current vaccines are quite effective. Those who are losing their lives due to the virus now are mostly unvaccinated. Henceforth, it is quite early to come to a conclusion regarding a booster jab.

Pfizer Incorporation to Present for a Third Booster Jab, US Experts Show Disapproval
Source: Fortune India

Israeli Data Regarding Pfizer Incorporation Vaccine 

An Israeli study suggests that mRNA vaccines are quite effective against COVID-19. Earlier, Pfizer Incorporation vaccines were 88 percent effective against COVID-19. But, after a huge surge of the Delta variant in Israel, the vaccine’s efficacy has dropped to 64 percent. Therefore, according to Israeli data, Pfizer’s jab is not quite effective on the COVID-19 Delta variant. henceforth, this suggests that individuals might need a booster jab in order to stay safe from the Delta variant. Israel has observed a recent surge in COVID-19 cases due to the COVID-19 Delta variant. Health experts have warned of a fifth Covid wave in the country.

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