Pentagon preparing for Taliban attacks during US withdrawal


The Pentagon is preparing for a possible Taliban attack on the US and coalition forces. It came after a prospect that complicates the outlook for winding up America’s longest war.

US-Taliban 2020 Agreement 

The Trump administration had made a deal with the Taliban in February 2020. In the agreement, it was stated that the Taliban would not attack the US troops and no one will be killed. May 1 was the day when US officials had to leave for Afghanistan but that has been delayed. However, the Taliban has considered that the US has violated the agreement and missed the deadline. Their representatives have been ambiguous about whether they propose to attack starting May 1.


Pentagon preparing for Taliban attacks during US withdrawal
Source: Times Of India

How Precise are the Preparations?

Pentagon Press Secretary, John Kirby, said that it should be assumed that the delay will be opposed. Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin has decided to keep an aircraft in the middle-east. Additionally, B-52 bombers have also been shifted to the region as a precaution. It would be very irresponsible of them if they did not plan accordingly. Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staffs, Gen. Mark Milley said that the pullout is extremely risky and complex. Everyone needs to be extra careful. The military is planning for the worst-case scenarios at this point in time. A fully prepared plan of action is required right now. Therefore, any sort of risks against the Taliban cannot be afforded. Even the most experienced analysts are unsure of what to expect from the Taliban.

Withdrawal Against Taliban


The Afghanistan withdrawal involves ground and air troops movement, supplies, and other equipment. Any equipment that is vulnerable to attack should immediately be removed. For security reasons, the withdrawal is not publicized. However, White House officials have confirmed that the Taliban pullout has begun. Dozens of troops and military equipment have left the country. The State Department is also taking several precautions. Embassy personnel in Kabul was asked to depart unless their jobs require them to be in Afghanistan. This was done to ensure staff safety and security.

Pentagon preparing for Taliban attacks during US withdrawal

Chances of War 

There are chances that this withdrawal between the US and the Taliban might initiate a war. Nothing is clear at this point but there are chances. The Pentagon is wise enough to be ready for an attack. Although, the Taliban is likely to show the restraints. In the worst-case scenario, there could be a war and collapse of the military. It is better to be prepared for that previously. On the other hand, the Afghan military has a lot of experience in refuting the rebels. Withdrawing from the Taliban is a very critical component. It is time for everyone to be extra careful.

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