Patna Airport Is Not Allowing The Entry of Ram Vilas Paswan’s Body


Patna Airport had to act as the channel for the cremation of dead Union minister, Ram Vilas Paswan. Ram Vilas Paswan expired on October 8, 2020, in Delhi’s Fortis Hospital. The entire Union Cabinet mourned the loss of LJP’ss funder and runner. However, the personal loss to the family is always inexplicable. His son, Chirag Paswan has to run for the ongoing Bihar elections. So, doing something historic in the wake of loss is hard to bear. His cremation and last rites were to be carried on Saturday, October 10, 2020, in his hometown. He had to be flown all the way from Delhi to his home in Patna. However, according to the latest reports, the officials at Patna Airport are not accessing entry to his body.

Patna airport restricted Paswan family's entry

His daughter protesting the decision of Patna Airport


The officials at Patna Airport did not allow entry to the family of the dead political leader. His daughter from his first wife and her husband staged a protest at the airport. Asha Devi and Anil Sadhu protested in front of Deputy chief Minsoter Sushil Kumar at the time of retrieval of the body. According to the officials, only the political leader can come and take the body. Meanwhile, the family which was waiting to see their father for the last time had to wait. Anil Sadhu, Ram Vilas Paswan’s son-in-law said, “Why is politics in action on this sad occasion? Why aren’t his daughter and family members allowed entry inside the airport?”

Along with Sushil Kumar, Bihar’s current Chief Minister Nitish Kumar also came to the airport for the retrieval of the body. The security officials did not let most of the people enter the airport, which included the veteran leader’s family as well. Asha Devi in her outburst also told off the district administration for not letting them in Patna Airport.


Patna airport restricted Paswan family's entry
Patna: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar pays tribute to the mortal remains of Union Minister and Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) leader Ram Vilas Paswan at Jaiprakash Narayan Airport, in Patna, Friday, Oct 9, 2020. Paswan (74) died at a private hospital in Delhi on Thursday evening after recently undergoing a heart surgery. (PTI Photo)(PTI09-10-2020_000227B)

His final funeral rites

From Patna Airport, namely Jay Prakash Narayan Airport, the officials will take his body to the Bihar Legislative Assembly. There, the political officials and legislators will pay their final homage to Ram Vilas Paswan. The Home Ministry has previously stated that he will get the honorary state funeral. The death of Ram Vilas Paswan, son Jamun Paswan, and Siya Devi, is a major setback to the entire state. The Dalit community which adored him wholeheartedly is personally grieving his death. The politician was one of the rare educated leaders. He held an undergraduate and post graduate degrees in Arts. The Hajipur seat will miss the rightful candidate forever.


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