Pakistan’s Balochistan Struggles Are Unfinished, Even After Karima Baloch’s Death


Karima Baloch, a Canadian refugee from Pakistan. She was the first person to come against the Pakistani government in 2016 concerning Balochistan issues. Initially, Karima ran away from Pakistan and was in exile during her last days in Canada. The loss of the daughter of Balochistan.

She has been living in exile for more than five years with her husband in Canada. Balochistan In March, an exiled journalist named Sajid Hussain Baloch was found dead in Sweden’s Fyris river. Having said that, Police claim no foul play in both cases.

Why Karima Baloch was famous?


An explicit activist cognomen as Karima Baloch; “A national liberation movement without the participation of women is incomplete”. Karima was a psychology graduate scholar from Pakistan. The recondite activist was actually worldwide famous for her 2016 Independence day dialectical speech. The incident became popular when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to reach the people of Balochistan. Following that, Karima Baloch called Mr. Modi as her brother and petitioned him to reinforce the Baloch genocide, war crimes, and human rights violations at Global conferences.

Late Karima Baloch

Karima Baloch was the first woman chairperson of the Baloch Students Organisation Azad Faction. The organization is about seeking independence of Pakistan’s ethnic Baloch territories and at the lead of documenting alleged human rights outrages.

Why are Balochistan problems obscure to the world?


The disputes between Baloch activists and Pakistan are mostly due to the rivalries, strategic collaborations between tribes and sub-tribes, and also due to human rights violations. However, Pakistan condemned other nations; such as India, and Iran for the concerns at Balochistan. The issue walked to the limelight stage after it exploits natural resources and the construction of the China-Pakistan corridor.

Karima had fought for the Balochistan people’s freedom from Pakistan and was demanded to go like an exile to Canada. Moreover, she was like a menace to many political leads for her prerogatives. She was a cerebral activist in Balochistan. With her diatribe speech, she still plays a basher of the Pakistani government and military over the rights violations in Balochistan.

Balochistan, Pakistan

Balochistan is a tiny province of Pakistan. It is very vast but has only quite a number of people. It is popular for its hilltops and mountain terrain. On the other hand, it is unsafe to travel to Balochistan as a tourist. Balochistan has active terrorist groups and an active separatist movement, parochial disputes, and deadly terrorist attacks against civilians, government offices, and security forces.




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