Pakistani Activist Found Dead In Canada! Was Karima Baloch Murdered?


Karima Baloch, a Canadian refugee from Pakistan. She was the first person as a vocal critic of the Pakistani government in 2016. Initially, Karima ran away from her country and sought exile in Canada. The death of Karima Baloch shook the world, as it took place just days after Balochistan’s human rights. She has been living in exile for more than five years with her husband in Canada.

The thirty-seven-year-old activist was reported to be missing since Sunday, 21st December 2020. Eventually, following the missing, her family stepped ahead to a local police station in Toronto to file a missing person complaint.

What is the Police saying about her death?

Regarding the complaint, Toronto Police claimed that Karima Baloch was last seen on Sunday in the Bay Street and Queens Quay West area in Toronto. The Police affirmed that Mike Butt, a detective is working on the case. He said that Karima’s death has been deemed a non-criminal incident. Many officials staff came forward to investigateKarima’s sudden death. Thereby requesting the Canadian government to look into the case as soon as possible.


Karima Baloch
Karima Baloch

Who was Karima Baloch?

Karima Baloch, an explicit activist; “A national liberation movement without the participation of women is incomplete”. She was a psychology graduate in Pakistan.

The recondite activist was actually worldwide famous for her 2016 Independence day Speech. The incident became popular when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made an outreach to the people of Balochistan. Following that, Karima Baloch called Mr. Modi as her brother and requested him to reinforce the Baloch genocide, war crimes, and human rights violations at International forums.

Karima had campaigned for Balochistan’s separation from Pakistan and traveled to Canada. She was intimidated by many political leads for her prerogatives.


She was a prominent activist in Balochistan, a province of Pakistan. With her diatribe speech, she still plays a basher of the Pakistani government and military over the rights violations in Balochistan.

Moreover, she was the first woman chairperson of the Baloch Students Organisation Azad Faction. The organization is about seeking independence of Pakistan’s ethnic Baloch areas and at the forefront of documenting alleged human rights violations.

Karima Baloch
Karima Baloch

She was also one of the BBC’s 100 inspirational and influential women of 2016.

Karima’s husband seeks immediate investigation?

Hammal Haidar, husband of Karima queried for instant inquiry for her wife’s death. He expressed his feeling saying that his wife was a strong and courageous woman. Her activist works are prominent on an international level. So, with his wife’s egregious death, he asked for a quick investigation. “I believe it is our right to request the Canadian authorities to leave no stone unturned in looking into the circumstances of her death as well the threats she had been facing since moving the country. We have cooperated with the police and will continue to do so.”



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