Pakistan PM Imran Khan Is Ready To Discuss Nawaz Sharif’s Deportation With UK PM


Pakistan PM Imran Khan stated that he is willing to even talk to the UK PM if necessary about Nawaz Sharif’s deportation. He is completely ready to talk to Boris Johnson about the matter. Muslim League Nawaz supremo Nawaz Sharif is living in London currently. He is three times Pakistan’s Prime Minister. He joined PML-N in 1997 until his removal. Sharif is under court custody regarding the plane hijacking case. He has been in prison and exile, however, later in 2913, he again became the PM. In 2018, the Pakistan Supreme Court sentenced Sharif to prison due to the Panama Papers case. However, he fled to London to evade jail. Now, the current Pakistan PM Imran Khan is adamant about getting the justice that needs to be served. Hence, he wants to have a conversation with Boris Johnson, if necessary.


Pakistan PM Imran Khan statement
Pic Courtesy: UAZMI

Pakistan PM Imran Khan wants the UK government to deport immediately

Citing an interview with ARY News Broadcast, he talked about the process of Nawaz Sharif’s deportation. He said that the extradition process of Sharif from Britain will take a long time. Hence, this is why the government wants the UK government to deport him as soon as possible. In the interview, he stated, “We are in regular contact with their officials. We are making full efforts to get him deported.”


Further explaining this, he stated that he will go and talk with Boris Johnson to talk about the deportation. The step came as a result of British officials’ notice that they will not let any other country like Pakistan to interfere in their internal politics. ARY News Broadcast clearly talked with Pakistan PM Imran Khan to voice his views on the ongoing case. He stated that the British government has to cooperate with their government in this case.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan
Source: Global Village Space

Nawaz Sharif is still in London

As explained earlier, Nawaz Sharif is living in London currently. There, he is escaping and evading the Pakistani officials. However, the Pakistani Supreme Court is becoming extra vigilant these days to cross him and bring him in front of the Justice. The cases filed against him cannot be ignored. This is why the current Pakistan PM Imran Khan wants on bringing him back to Pakistan asap. This message will go through to Boris Johnson. When we officially hear from him, we will update it here. However, this is the case that the wealthy people cannot evade. After all, the law prevails them all.


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