Pakistan Court Has Now Ordered For The Final Release Of Daniel Pearl Killing Accused


A Pakistani-court has now ordered the final release of the person who has been charged with the killing of the 2002 homicide of an American journalist whose name was Daniel Pearl. Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh is the name of the key suspect in the killing of the journalist. He was acquitted from his charges earlier in the year 2020. This means that the suspect has now been released from his captivity and these circumstances are not feasible for the family of the journalist. Hence, they have submitted an appeal against the acquittal.

More About Daniel Pearl And His Death:

The Sindh Hind Court gave the order for the release of the suspect. Hence, the lawyer of the suspect, Mehmood Sheikh has now called for the instant release of the suspect and his acquittal from the crime of killing Daniel Pearl. 


Daniel Pearl
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The court ordered, “none of the petitioners are ‘enemy aliens’… and as such their detention under this sub Article of the constitution is found to be illegal and without lawful authority”.

“This detention order has been set aside which only means that they are free until their appeals are decided,” Faisal Siddiqi, the family lawyer of Daniel Pearl said in a statement. 


All four were “detained in jail on a Sindh government detention order, not under the Supreme Court order, pending appeals”, Faisal Siddiqi said in a statement. 

“I don’t expect them to be released from jail. The Sindh government is appealing today’s order. Moreover, their Supreme Court appeals are fixed for January 5. If the appeals go through, they will go to jail permanently,” this is what the lawyer of Daniel Pearl said. 

How He Died?

Daniel Pearl was a 38-year old Wall Street Journal reporter who was abduction on 23 January 2002. Sheikh was convicted for luring Pearl into a meeting that was supposed to happen in the southern Pakistani port city known as Karachi, where he was kidnapped. 

Therefore, the video of the beheading of Daniel Pearl was made viral and sent to the US consulate. Pearl had been exploring the connection between Pakistani fighter pilots and Richard C Reid, named the “Shoe Bomber” subsequent to attempting to explode a departure from Paris to Miami with explosives covered up from his point of view.

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