Pakistan- A Tool In Chinese Policy, Conflict With India Is Not In Favor Of China: IAF Chief


In the midst of a growing nexus among Islamabad and Beijing, on Tuesday, Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria said Pakistan became a tool in Chinese policy and its military reliance on China will rise even more as a result of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project, given the financial mess.

As loans to Islamabad, China made significant investments in the CPEC, and the already debt-ridden Pakistani government would be under a great deal of economic strain to repay even the interest in the actual fiscal situation there.

Bhadauria’s Statements On The Condition Of Pakistan:

IAF Chief RKS Bhadauria addressed a webinar organized by the Vivekanand International Foundation on ‘Global Security Threats and Air Force’. He said, “Pakistan has increasingly become a pawn in Chinese policy, under an increasing CPEC related debt trap there will be further military dependencies in future.”


China using Pakistan to enter Afghanistan: IAF chief RKS Bhadauria - OrissaPOST

Bhadauria said the global geopolitical front’s changing complexities and volatility presented China with an opportunity to showcase its rising power and subsequently highlighted the insufficient commitment of major powers to global security as well.

The Air Chief claimed that any significant dispute between India and China is not healthy for China on the international front. If Chinese ambitions are regional, then their big vision doesn’t really suit them. “What could be possible Chinese objectives for their action in the north? It is important that we recognize what they have really achieved,” he additionally said.

Further emphasizing his point on the nexus and the possible outcome as an effect in the region, he said, “American exit from Afghanistan has opened increased options for China in the region both directly and through Pakistan.”


American troops are expected to depart from there gradually after staying in Afghanistan for nearly two decades, which is likely to leave the field open for other nations to move into the unstable area strategically located as the route to or from the Central Asian countries.

China and Pakistan have formed strong military relations, as the Chinese have completely funded the whole Pakistani missile program. For their military hardware needs, namely fighter jets, submarines, and armored vehicles, the Pakistanis are also relying heavily on the Chinese.

All the big projects in Pakistan, along with the areas of Gilgit Baltistan and areas of Jammu and Kashmir forcibly controlled by Pakistan, were also made by China. On the use of small drones in wars, Bhadauria stated, “the low-cost and easy availability of simple disruptive technologies such as drones with small state and non-state actors have made them more lethal, agile and capable of generating disproportionate effects.”

There have been wars in recent times, such as the one between Azerbaijan and Armenia, where the use of drones turned the war’s result.

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