Overlord Season 4: Is It Coming?


There are a lot of things that are stuck in the head of the fans of Overlord from Season 3. Ainz conquers the whole Yaggdrasil’s world or not, is still remained to know. A lot of other things are missing due to which viewers are eagerly waiting for Season 4 to come.

However, Pandemic may be the reason but there is no official announcement about the release of Season 4 and reading the novels is not possible for all of us.


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Is Overlord Coming Back?

So is Overlord coming back? There are various factors to know if a series is going to get renewed or not like popularity, sales, and materials to use as the source. Let us look into each of these factors to investigate the matter:

1. Popularity

There are many sources to get information about the situation of popularity after the third season. Google trends, social media, official websites are some of them.

  • Sequels are generally less popular than Season 1: It is said so but in the case of Overlord, sequels are two times more popular than the first season.
  • Social Media: Last time the official website of Overlord was updated was in 2019. It was about the 14th light novel volume. Overlord’s Twitter account has more than 103,000 followers.
  • Google Trends: According to this, season 3 was twice searched as compared to Season 1 which came in 2015. It indicates a positive signal.

2. Sales And Profit


Overlord has earned a lot of amount from all over the world. The issue is that each sequel leads to lesser profit as compared to the previous.

  • 15-20% drop per sequel is common: The second and third seasons had significantly less profit as compared to Season 1. That can mean that franchisee is not able to make a profit out of it.
  • Overlord Light Novel sales: Season 2 is the second-best-selling light novel per volume and it is surprising.
  • Overlord Blu-Ray sales: From first to second to third, sale was 12,500 copies per volume, then 7,000 and then 6,500 copies per volume respectively.

3. Source Material

Overlord uses the light novel as their source material while most of the series use manga, light novels, or even mobile games.

There are 14 light novels available for Overlord in Japan. The author is saying that he will finish book 17 soon.

Will There Be A Season 4?

There is a high chance that the fourth season of the series will come. However, we cannot expect it so soon as there is no official confirmation till now.


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